………………The Fake Gold scam syndicate:These unfolding of fake gold scam syndicate has opened the pandora’s box in the intricate underworld of fake gold scamming network and money laundering…….

…..Talk about being caught in between the rock and the hard place situation. This is the real situation that Bungoma Senator, Moses Wetangula, has found himself in…….in relation to the fake gold scam racket. And, the funny thing is that he hasn’t commented on the issue apart from saying that he hasn’t been summoned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation.

An audio recorded phone call was making viral rounds in the social media where a voice purported to be that of the Senator is being heard in the call where the Senator is dropping names of high ranking key personalities in what is turning out to be a fake gold scam syndicate.

But, in a matter of introspective that audio recorded phone call is just but a tip of an iceberg. The racket has also sucked in the opposition leader, Raila Odinga, as politics takes center stage in the whole saga.

This fake gold scam syndicate has opened, exposed and unfolded the intricate underworld of fake gold scam racket and who are involved in the con game where unsuspecting customers are being swindled their monies in a well calculated and choreographed syndicate by an intricate cobweb of cartels of fake gold fraudsters.

And, this expose of this fake gold scam syndicate tell that in our country there exists a powerful cartel network of fraudsters who have perfected the art of theft, deception and defrauding unsuspecting people.

These fraudsters have powerful political connections in the high echelons of power and they are wealthy. They are always smart and convincing in their power game of defrauding. They devise smart ways of fleecing their unsuspecting customers.

These unfolding of fake gold scam syndicate has opened the pandora’s box in the intricate underworld of fake gold scamming network and money laundering.

And, in this fake gold scam racket, you can’t draw a line with these overnight millionaires with their unexplained wealth as they are intertwined. Some of these overnight millionaires have a questionable track record with a myriad of court cases being charged with defrauding.

They live lavishly and lead flashy lifestyles and they don’t shy away to front their wealth. The rising cases of rich people with an unexplained wealth are gaining track these days…….as this begs a lot of questions and loose ends…..about the source of their wealth.

They can’t account their wealth for they aren’t known to be employed, or, inherit, or, they are doing genuine business dealings.

And, our fear is confined to the fact that these people are vying for elective positions in our electoral process and various leadership positions hence undermining the integrity of our politics and governance systems.

They are occupying the political spaces thus dictating the political discourses where they are subverting the will of the people by substituting it with money. They have also managed to rope in the political class in their systems.

Methinks that the fake gold scam, which captured intense interest globally once it was imputed a United Arab Emirate royal and top Kenyan political players were caught up in the middle, is the latest in a long line of deceptions that undermines our claim to being a center of doing honest business.

From pyramid schemes crafted by influential politicians to the sale of non-existence properties, the sale of adultered fuel to the formation of dubious sacco, no less, gullible Kenyans have been the sitting ducks of all manners of fraudsters.

These fraudsters have graduated into international crime with Kenya being the hub and hotspot for illicit trade. According to C.I.A, Kenya is a transit country for drugs originating from South Asia destined for Europe and North America.

Massive corruption and money laundering help the traffickers to pass through borders that should otherwise be more impervious.

A gangsters’ paradise and a bandit economy. This disrepute is no good for a country that aspires to be the top financial hub and investment destination in Africa, where the political elite secures rogue traders, their shadowy fronts, smooth passage and protection from the law and enforcement agencies.

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