………..Terror threats and violent Extremism:New Security strategies are needed to wipe out and diffuse these terrorist attacks……

……The writings are on the wall,and,it is a reality that dawned along time ago,of which is staring at us as a nation;that Kenya faces a significant threat of violent extremism having suffered a number of terrorist attacks. This is compounded by the emergence of homegrown extremist groups. Violent extremism is an ideological phenomenon ,and,we must use ideology to counter it.

The repercussions of these terrorist attacks are being felt across the board in the whole country,as nobody is feeling secure,and,the most hardest hit is Kenya’s tourism sector which is in it’s knees facing predicaments in the wake of these terrorist attacks.

New strategies are needed to wipe out and diffuse these terrorist attacks ,and,constitutionally,it is the mandate of the elected governments to secure the country,make it peaceful and conducive for it’s citizenry and subjects to live in. The citizenry through their popular vote mandates their governments to lead them ,protect them ,secure the nation and create an enabling environment for it’s citizenry to conduct and engage in their daily engagements and adjustments in an environment that’s friendly to them.

In recent times ,the Kenyan government has found itself in a pandora’s box in terms of securing the nation. Security challenges,and,especially terror threats continues to shell the nation. It is in a catch 22 situation wondering what to do . And,the citizenry are piling pressure on the government to step up it’s war on the runaway insecurity and contain it. But,this war is being complicated by the fact that we are grappling with a bigger terror threats that we initially thought that’s being perpetuated by homegrown radicalized youths who have brain washed and are hitting the innocent soft targets.

The recent daring attack by Al shabaab remnants which precipitated a fierce gun battle between Kenyan forces and Al shabaab ,that left 15 terrorists dead is a stark reminder that the extremist gangs are working incessantly to torment Kenyans. Quite worrying is that the terrorists had the audacity to attack a military camp in Lamu,ostensibly to cause havoc and seize arms to prepare for further raids.

Also,it coincided with the warning by the Inspector-General of Police ,Mr Joseph Boinnet,who had cautioned that the terrorists were on the prowl and were planning an attack during Ramadhan.

Strikingly,Al shabaab had invaded a village in Lamu,harassed residents ,and forced them into mosques where they conducted prayers .And,not forgeting the Garissa University massacre where 147 people,most of them students were brutally killed . What they are showcasing is that they are in control and can do whatever they want,which i quite scary.

This indicates that the terrorists have taken control of some parts of the country and have become defiant and unconcerned about any possibility of retaliatory action by the authority. The flip side is that the authorities have either given up,or,are simply helpless.

What is emerging is that the government’s strategy is not working .It also makes non sense of the plans to construct a wall on the northern boarders because that will not help as the terrorists are already within.

Security was given a substantial allocation in the budget on the understanding that more resources are required to subdue the terrorists. However,unless there are clear strategies to tackle insecurity ,the terrorists will continue to cause mayhem in the name of religion.

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