…………Talk about real politicking …..which is tilting to be nasty, murky, ugly, and, dirty at each every passing day…..amid the heightened Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, which has hit its optimum high of which is ravaging the country……..

……Talk about real politicking …..which is tilting to be nasty, murky, ugly, and, dirty at each every passing day…..amid the heightened Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, which has hit its optimum high of which is ravaging the country.

The Covid-19 pandemic is raising at an alarming rate yet as a country we aren’t playing safe as its being stipulated by the Ministry of Health. The ruling and political class are the main violators of these safety guidelines.

From holding political rallies, too, night parties, selective enforcement of the law, politicians, and Cabinet secretaries are behaving badly as the pandemic ravages the country.

Right now, it’s apparent that political gears have being engaged and real politics are on the cards. The political and ruling class are trying to define a political discourse they intend to follow as real politics takes shape amid the rising scourge of the Covid-19 pandemic.

And, if the political happenings that unfolded and shaped Jubilee party and to the larger extent the “handshake” shenanigans are anything to go by, then we must conclude that real politicking is in the play.

The just-concluded purge in the National Assembly and the Senate are real pointers that politics have taken the center stage. In the recent purge in the Jubilee party, President Uhuru Kenyatta, defrocked key allies of Deputy President, William Ruto, from their prime positions in both the Senate and the National Assembly, which demonstrated that real politicking was on the offing.

And, the irony of it all is that these political shenanigans are being unfolded at one of our worst times in history……at the height of surging global Covid-19 pandemic which has ravaged global economies and turned lives and ways of living upside down in a downward spiral…talk about the new norm.

While necessary concentration is needed to fully contain and tackle this Covid-19 pandemic …..the ruling and political class took it upon themselves to substitute it with real politics The Covid-19 pandemic had successfully muted the noises that were emanating from political rallies and especially the Building Bridges Initiative forums….but, it’s now back in full swing.

Right now, real politics happens to be concentrated in the western Kenya region, where key political players are fronting different political factions in trying to woo the heart and soul of western Kenya.

The Western Kenya region seems to be the epi-center of this real political battles. And, the question that many people are asking themselves is…..why the sudden interest in official circles in Western Kenya.

If the numerous political activities that are happening in Western Kenya are anything to go by,….then there’s a take in that Western Kenya region. The political players want to muddle and scavage Western Kenya’s voting block.

……That a flurry of political activities lately with a Governor, and, a Cabinet Secretary, from that region holding political rallies, the Covid-19 pandemic ban on public gatherings notwithstanding tells a lot. Their message has been about reviving the region’s economy by resuscitating the sugar industry.

But, what has raised eyebrows, though, is the intense focus on one region. Other areas even worse off also deserve attention. It is hard to rule out a political motive. It appears that government operatives are wooing the region for the 2022 general elections.

While the leaders who are pushing this initiative go around freely selling their political agenda couched in the development lingo, their rivals have been brutally shut out by police.

That, despite the Government’s ban on political, or, social gatherings remain in force ….one side of the political divide goes ahead unperturbed and without any disruption. While the other side of the political divide tries to congregate a bit even if it’s mourning their meetings are violently disrupted by the police even after they had observed the prescribed safety measures.

Talk about the selective enforcement of Covid-19 safety guidelines for political reasons which are giving the Government a bad name. It is a dirty political game that must stop.

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