………….Talk about political fireballs and skirmishes during electioneering times…….

………Talk about political fireballs and skirmishes during electioneering times…..This has to be our trend that characterizes our elections over the years. It’s a trend that has been sprouting up which escalated to full-blown post-election chaos after the 2007 general elections.

And, if this trend isn’t contained then we do have a case to worry about as a nation. We must underline this by-line and undertook precautionary measures meant to contain these political fireballs.

But, why has it become a norm that we do associate ourselves with this political violence during election times? Our elections have become a matter of doing, or, die engagement. Almost everything grinds to a halt as concentration shifts to elections. And, at all times the government is almost caught unaware by this election violences.

A case in point showcased itself recently in various by-elections which were held in different constituencies and wards where political skirmishes characterized those by-elections. And, if this trend which unfolded is anything to go by, then as a country we do have a case to worry about.

As a nation, we are staring at the imminent collapse soon in terms of how we do manage our politics and mode of politicking.

The recent by-elections which were held in Western Kenya and Nakuru County were characterized by politically instigated violence and skirmishes everywhere. And, whether they were planned, or, not is a matter of grave concern.

And, in some instances, it seemed like these political skirmishes were state-sponsored by the government. The police who are mandated by the constitution to maintain law and order just looked the other way as violence was being meted out.

The aftermath of that by-elections illustrated a deep-seated ticking time bomb that detonates itself once it’s triggered. And, shortly, the disastrous negative effects of this violence will backfire in our country if the necessary precautionary measures aren’t adopted while putting into consideration the fact that we are approaching an electioneering year.

And, it seems like the country is being polarized with each passing day as political temperatures continue to escalate. Political hostilities are the orders of the day of which are mostly being fanned on social media platforms.

Our political leaders who are supposed to be at forefront of preaching peace and unity are busy dividing the country into tribal factions. These political players aren’t relenting in their political discourses which are polarizing the country.

The implosion of the ruling Jubilee party has further fuelled the political hostilities. The party has disintegrated into various political factions allied to their top two political leaders. These political hostilities have poisoned the already charged political playground.

The parting ways of the once formidable dynamic duo are having ripple effects in our political arena. The spillover of their political disintegration is already polarizing the country.

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