………The Sagana State lodge Declaration…….The sermon to the mountain …..The gospel according to President Kenyatta…….But, was the mountain conquered?……

……..The Sagana State lodge Declaration…….The sermon to the mountain …..The gospel according to President Kenyatta…….But, was the mountain conquered?

Last weekend, President Uhuru Kenyatta, was yet at it again in a sustained charm offensive drive in his renewed desperate attempt to woo the Mount Kenya region into supporting the Building Bridges Initiative {BBI}. It came hot on the heels after he gave an interview to Kikuyu vernacular FM Radio stations.

At Sagana State lodge, in Nyeri, the President hosted delegations of people drawn from the larger Mt.Kenya region in a bid to whip them to support the Building Bridges Initiative document…..where they declared the support of the BBI. Among the invitees were friendly and political leaning political leaders, Governors, Senators, Members of Parliament, and, Members of County Assemblies who subscribe to President Kenyatta’s’ political ideology.

Those political leaders who are considered to be rebels from the Mt. Kenya region weren’t invited to the forum.

The President seems to be in a desperate attempt to salvage whats’ left of his dwindling political fortunes in his political backyard. He’s trying to stamp his authority over his political base and that’s why he’s on the offensive.

The more President Kenyatta tries hard to win back his political base, the more desperate he appears and the more he drives himself into political oblivion and irrelevancy.

And, this isn’t about persuading a populous ethnic bloc to vote for the Building Bridges Initiative constitutional amendment proposals come to the referendum expected mid-year. The aggression with which he’s moving is a clear sign that the President knows he’s losing the bedrock of his political support base to his estranged Deputy-President, William Ruto.

But, the funny thing is that what he is trying to leverage on to win back his political base is unpopular to Mt. Kenya residents….talk about the lukewarm reception of the [BBI]. The President seems to be caught up in his tracks wondering what to do and where his wagon got out of the rail.

And, that’s why he is in a renewed political fight ready to claim his political base. He is assembling his wares and positioning his lieutenants for the enormous task ahead. Last weekends political convergence forum at Sagana State lodge chaired by the President showcased an awakened President who’s ready to face his political nemesis.

At that political meeting, the gospel was all about Building Bridges Initiative……and how to contain and detach Mt. Kenya region from the grips of Deputy President, William Ruto. He rallied the leaders to support him in endorsing the BBI constitutional amendments and to preach the gospel of BBI to Mt. Kenya residents.

He urged the Members of County Assemblies to pass the BBI referendum Bill at the earliest opportunity.
He said that the Building Bridges Initiative will among other benefits, the country, empower the youths, and ensure equitable distribution of resources. He warned locals against being drawn into the “hustler narrative” fronted by his Deputy, William Ruto. ” Don’t be lied to with this hustler tales”. Don’t allow yourself to be divided because of false hopes, he said.

But, in a quick rejoinder, the President received some barbs over what was alleged as outright bribery to political leaders in an attempt to hoodwink them to support the [BBI] course. According to reliable sources those who attended the Sagana meeting were given stipends to induce them so that they can support {BBI}.

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