………The Likoni Ferry tragedy…..It was the height of disgrace to the nation that brags to protect the rights of its’ citizenry……

…….The Likoni ferry tragedy……..The Likoni ferry tragedy happened after the car carrying Mariam Kighenda, and, her, daughter, Amanda Mutheu, plunged in the Indian Ocean after it slid off the ferry mv Harambee on September 29th……It was the height of disgrace to the nation that brags to protect the rights of its’ citizenry.

This incident exposed our sheer ineptitude, incompetence, inefficiency, mismanagement, disorganization, and ignorance as a nation and especially when it comes to the public institutions that are charged with the mandate of carrying and offering services to the Kenyan citizenry.

The Kenya Ferry Service failed in its’ core mandate of ensuring proper safety is maintained in the ferry which exposed its’ ineptitude. These public institutions just exist as names and not for the service they are mandated to offer because it is a lip service they offer which isn’t worth writing home about.

This Likoni ferry tragedy unfolded and opened our dark chapter which exposed our soft underbelly where as a nation we are only reactive to an incident or a problem that befalls on us instead of being proactive to the long term solutions and strategies to mitigate these tragedies.

It was on Sunday 29th September, at around 6.30 pm in the Likoni crossing channel in the Indian Ocean, where the ferry, Mv Harambee, was mid-way deep in the Ocean when the unexpected happened, when a vehicle which was in the ferry slid off from the ferry and plunged into the ocean with its’ two occupants as other passengers watched helplessly.

The car plunged into the Ocean and sank as people watched helplessly with no forthcoming rescue operation. And, from then on, it took 13 days before the bodies and vehicle were retrieved from the Ocean.
But, the million-dollar question still begs…….Was this tragedy unavoidable in the first place? What measures is Kenya Ferry Service putting in place to mitigate further incidences in the future?

From time immemorial accusing fingers have been pointing to the Kenya Ferry Services. It had been flagged down and alerts were sent concerning its’ ferries……that they were waiting disasters waiting to happen at any given time like what happened on that fateful day 29th September. The Kenya Ferry Service has also been accused of running down the ferry services for a long time despite receiving millions of monies from the Government.

And, it’s a pity that the Kenya Ferry Service, despite it being a parastatal doesn’t have a rescue operation unit despite the fact that their service does require a rescue operation unit for any fateful eventuality that may arise.

After this incident, it has been argued that these deaths could have been avoided if this rescue operation unit was in operation. The divers could have rescued this woman with her daughter.

The ferries are at poor mechanical state which portrays negligence on the part of the Kenya ferry services. They aren’t taken for the routine mechanical maintenance to ascertain it’s worthiness and suitability in ferrying people.

They aren’t mechanically sound to be operating in the Likoni crossing channel in the Indian Ocean.

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