………..The Gospel according to the…..hustler nation political narrative…..which is being symbolized by wheelbarrows and a handcart {mkokoteni} has bamboozled itself in our politics……

…The hustler nation political narrative…..If you happen to land in Kenya, at the moment you will note trending the catchphrase …..the hustler nation …..which is being symbolized by wheelbarrow and a handcart, a.k.a, mkokoteni.

This byline catchphrase narrative has psyched in the Kenyan citizenry daily modus operandi, and, whether one likes it, or, not …or, brushes it away from its still lingering and ringing a bell in our political circles.

The gospel according to the ….hustler nation…has being preached to all and sundry and it has bamboozled itself in our politics. It has stirred the political waters with ripple effects, thus precipitating a clash of opinions. It’s turning out to be the common denominator in our political circles.

And, overall, this …..hustler nation political narrative….has turned out to be a political rallying call by the political class.

This …..hustler nation political narrative …….was initiated by Deputy-President, William Ruto, of which he has made it his clarion political rallying call in his political agenda of reaching out to the commoners……the hustlers.

Of late, Deputy-president, William Ruto, has been hosting delegations of people from all walks of life in his residence, in Karen, in trying to leverage his political discourse. It has become his habit and norm to host such a delegation of people especially those from the informal sector as he leverages his agenda of the ……hustler nation political narrative.

He says that these people from the informal sector …..the hustlers….must be empowered financially so that they can sustain themselves. In his argument, this is the largest segment group that needs to be empowered as many youths fall into this category of which will form the core basis of his political narrative.

And, that’s why he will stand as their ultimate voice. These are the people he has been reaching out to in his quest to win them. In his rallying call, the Deputy-President has been dishing out wheelbarrows, handcarts[mkokoteni], Boda Bodas, salon kits and washing machines to various youth groups from the informal sector to empower them financially.

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