…….The Building Bridges Initiative [B.B.I] fraud……Are we misplacing our priorities?…….

…..The Building Bridges Initiative [B.B.I] fraud…….Globally, most countries have placed big priorities to the health sector and how they will uplift their economies which had been ravaged by the Covid 19.

Most are in the race to develop the Covid 19 vaccine while at the same take putting into place various mitigation measures that are meant to caution them from the adverse effects of the pandemic.

In Kenya, we are currently busy placing priority to the Building Bridges Initiative[ B.B.I] shenanigans. It has turned out to be the talk of the days.

But, the big question still begs…..Is the country ready for the constitutional moment? Or, is it the ruling and political class which is forcing these [BBI] shenanigans down in our throats?

Currently, the country is experiencing so many upheavals occasioned by the effects of Covid 19 pandemic. The nation is clearly at a very difficult time. The economy is staggering, millions of people are jobless and thousands are dying due to diseases.

The common Kenyan citizenry has being pushed into a tight corner where he’s whining due to hard economic times. Children are out of school, others are engaging in immoral activities due to the long vacation occasioned by the pandemic, yet our leaders are just talking about the Building Bridges Initiative that only seeks to distribute positions in a bloated government.

Overall, the country is experiencing a myriad of problems of which a good country with a sound leadership tries to reschedule its’ top priorities…..but, in our case, it seems as if we are misplacing our priorities. The basic and primary priorities are being pushed to the back seat at the behest of the secondary priorities of which can be postponed at a later date.

Right now we are being fed too much [BBI] shenanigans. The political class who are in support of Building Bridges Initiative have made it their duty to keep on reminding us about the necessity of amending the current constitution through the Building Bridges Initiative so that we can satisfy their egos.

And, woe unto you if you happen to oppose, or, you have any reservations about the [BBI] document.

According to the Building Bridges Initiative proponents arguments, they are saying that if we pass the [BBI] amendment all the underlying problems that bedevil and affects our nation will be addressed.

Meru Governor, Kiraitu Murungi, urged leaders to endorse the [BBI] referendum push, saying that, the proposed constitutional changes were for the benefit of all Kenyans. He said that the referendum bill has addressed the concerns of all, citing the additional fund allocated to counties.

According to David Ndii, one proponent who has reservations on the [BBI] document, says that we are calling upon all to rise and to know that our freedoms, civil liberties and ability to hold our leaders to account which they continue to refuse can be taken away with our participation. One thing we must do is to withdraw our participation so that we (stop) these insidious, cynical attempts to overthrow the constitution and legitimacy

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