………….” The Big Building Bridges Initiative divide”……..And, the jury is out, that the Building Bridges Initiative, might divide the country rather than unite…….if the political shenanigans that are happening in those Building Bridges Initiative forums cum political rallies are anything to go by……..

…………As political tensions continue to mount in the country over the Building Bridges Intiative{ BBI} rallies we are wondering whether they should continue to be held, or, there could be an alternative way to tackle the same issues that are being debated.

And, the jury is out, that the Building Bridges Initiative, might divide the country rather than unite as it is being labeled as……” the big Building Bridges Initiative divide”……..if the political shenanigans that are happening in those Building Bridges Initiative forums cum political rallies are anything to go by.

The pros…and…anti- Building Bridges Initiative political camps continue to trade barbs on how it should be organized ……” some are seen to have hijacked the initiative, while others feel left out of the train”.

Since that famous “handshake” between President Uhuru, and, Opposition leader, Raila Odinga, which culminated in the Building Bridges Initiative committee which wants to change the constitution which is now national conversation a lot of questions have emerged.

And, since then, a lot has passed under the political bridge with ripple effects being felt across the political divide. Our mode of politicking changed drastically. The political discourses have been altered by the handshake and the most affected discourse being the ruling Jubilee party, which is nearing its days of implosion at any time.

The handshake seemed like it came to isolate Deputy President, William Ruto, from the political equation hence he initially gave it a luke warm reception. And, this handshake seemed like it created a wedge between him and President Kenyatta, and, nowadays they seem like they don’t read from the same script.

The political camaraderie they usually displayed in their days withered with the handshake.

Their political allies, and, foot soldiers have aligned themselves to these two leaders camps, thus creating a wedge and divisions within the ruling Jubilee party. So in the name of the handshake political friends became foes…..while political foes became friends.

But, the million-dollar questions still lingers……Can the Building Bridges Initiative bring the much desired and needed unity in the country? Will it cure the ills that bedevil our nation over the years? Will it bring the much- desired change in the country? Or, is it just another political gimmick and ploy by the political class and the ruling elites to reward themselves and change the political discourses? Will these Building Bridges Initiative turn out to be the biggest political divide like what happened in the year 2005 referendum?

These are just but a few questions that are lingering and asked by the Kenyan citizenry concerning the on-going building Bridges Initiative consultative forums. These consultative forums have been taken a political discourse and have been hijacked by the political class which they are playing to their political advantage.

It has turned out to be the “big Building Bridges Initiative divide”, where one political fraction has owned the Building Bridges Initiative, and, it is isolating other political players from these consultative forums.

But, it is these so-called consultative meetings cum political rallies that have raised eyebrows and created political storms, thus eroding the credibility of the Building Bridges Initiative.

In these political consultative Building Bridges Initiative forums, a lot of hair-splitting moments have been witnessed which have turned out to be the hallmark of these political Building Bridges Initiative rallies which are raising eyebrows. Hate speeches, chest-thumping, and, political fightings have become the hallmark of these political meetings.

And, two cases in point remains as real pointers to what characterizes these political meetings……One is that of Narok Senator, Ledama Ole Kina, who uttered inflammatory remarks during a Building Bridges Initiative meeting in Narok.

Another case remains that of Gatundu South, member of Parliament, Moses Kuria, who was roughed up by goons who were incited by Kitui Governor, Charity Ngilu, to eject him from a Building Bridges Initiative forum, she had hosted in Kitui.

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