……………….It’s now apparent that as a nation at one time, or, another we might face the inevitable…..the constitution referendum to change the constitution in the near future…………..

……It’s now apparent that as a nation at one time, or, another we might face the inevitable…..the constitution referendum to change the constitution in the near future. And, the clamor for constitutional review has been swelling every day.

Some political players have been agitating for the constitutional review for the umpteenth time, arguing that the constitution has some loopholes that need to be sealed.

They are basing their arguments that since we promulgated the constitution in 2010 and have already tested it, it’s that opportune moment that it needs adjustments. They have pinpointed that the constitution despite it being one of its kind which is progressive has its own flaws which need a bit of realignment to seal those loopholes and address its shortcomings.

Also, the Kenyan commoner has come to proclaim that the constitution is too cumbersome with many representational layering which overlaps each other which is turning out to be a burden to the Kenyan taxpayer.

And, that’s why the Third away Alliance Party, leader, Ekuru Aukot, initiated a popular initiative of changing the constitution through the popular referendum.

Now, it’s in its second stage where it is being delivered and debated in the 47 County Assemblies, where it will be deliberated and it will either be adopted or, rejected.

And, for it to be successful, it must attain the constitutional threshold where 24 County Assemblies must adopt it.

Also, President Uhuru, and, opposition leader, Raila Odinga, have initiated their own version of reviewing the constitution when they embraced each other through the famous “handshake”. And, out of that political handshake came the “Building Bridges Initiative”, an agreement between the President Uhuru, and, opposition leader, Raila Odinga, on how to change the country for good.

And, one of the agreement seems to be the constitution review. Since then, the Building Bridges Initiative has metamorphosized into a Government initiative committee with a complete secretariat which is being funded by the taxpayers. The mandate of the committee is to collect views from the public and recommend the necessary steps that need to be initiated to transform the country even if it means changing the constitution.

The Building Bridges Initiative hasn’t released its report, but, with time it will.

But, on the other side of the coin, these initiatives of reviewing the constitution have drawn mixed and varied reactions from the Kenyan citizenry and political leaders which has precipitated a clash of opinions. And, it is boiling down to where you are aligned politically.

The political and ruling class have defined their political paths in this political process. The President and his opposition leader counterpart have been at the forefront of heaping praise to the Building Bridges Initiative while urging the Kenyan populace to support it because it is the one which will address the ills and misdeeds that affects the country. Raila, however maintains that the Building Bridges Initiative offers a clear path to rescue Kenya.

Deputy President, William Ruto, has come out to oppose any initiative that will create executive offices of some leaders which will continue to burden the Kenyan people. He vows to trash any debate about a referendum seeking to water down devolution.

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