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Welcome to Open Source Opinion,Kenya’s highly opinionated,political,and,societal portal blog with a difference……The State of The Kenyan Nation.A  premier portal,the home of highly opinionated opinion,be it political,societal or,any relevant issue that’s worth a mention.It also delves in the mode of politicking in the Kenyan politics.

It’s a portal that’s full of informative titbits and facts. Open Source Opinion,concurs with Bertrand Russell,who outlines in his writing’s on the issue of  “opinions”-that…liberals have always held that opinion should be formed by untrammeled debate ,not by allowing only one side to be heard.It should seek to provide equal facilities for all opinions and leave the outcome to the consequences of discussion and all opinions are as open to greater or less measure of doubt.

It’s on that principle that the online portal was formed.And,been a political,societal opinionated portal, it critically analyses the political manoeuvres of our politicking and the real issues that affects our Kenyan society.

  • According to Napoleon Hill,the author of the book,THINK AND GROW RICH,any idea whether good ,or, bad ,that of the change starts as a thought in our minds in the sub-conscious chamber.Our minds are at times been engaged due to everyday adjustments and challenges.These challenges are the ones which makes us to call for those vital changes.
  • David Landes,the author of ,THE WEALTH AND POVERTY OF NATIONS ,also argues that this thought breeds equality which enhances self-esteem ,ambition and readiness to enter and compete in the market place,a spirit of individualism and contentiousness.

And,talk about a well thought idea which materialized after a deep thought ,which was delayed for a while,while, waiting for that “ripe moment “to materialize as Machiavelli,would put it.And,what was borne out of that idea was the establishment of this portal ,which was launched following the eruption of the post election violence in KENYA,due to a disputed election outcome.

It was an afterthought similar to what  NICCOLLO MACHIAVELLI,experienced as he tried to reconnect with himself while in exile as expressed in his letters where he wrote that ,”when the evening comes i return to the house and go into my study.Before i enter i take off my rough mud-stained country dress.I put on my royal and curial robes and thus fittingly attired i enter into the assembly of men of old times.Welcomed by them i feed upon that food which is my true nourishment and which has made me what i am.I dare to talk with them and ask them the reason for their actions .Of their kindness they answer me.I no longer fear poverty ,or,death…….From these notes i have composed a little book,THE PRINCE,a letter addressed to Lorenzo ,The Magnificient,Son of Piero Di Medici.

And, just like Machiavelli,my afterthought was a blog,an online portal which acts as my forum, where i do express my deep thoughts,resentments,opinions and analyses.

Open Source Opinion, is a brainchild of ANTHONY MUNGAI,a highly opinionated blogger,freelance writer and a content developer, who acts as it’s Managing Editor.A Kenyan who considers himself as a free thinker,a political commentator and an  analyst, who has a soft spot for politics and politically too liberal.I’m a person who is much in love with myself,and,i love life, and, tumble about useless stuff,that i find useful.

But,do i have opinions about the Kenyan politics,politicking,treads in the society and government?Oh yeah.I am not ready used to keep quiet about what i see,hear,or,read.So this all about the things that go on in my mind.Maybe you’ll find something you like,maybe you’ll find something you hate.Welcome aboard ,and,share your opinion.

Since it’s inception ,i have acted  it’s administrator, and, the chief writer.As a result of my opining  ,the blog  has turned out to be part of me ,and a permanent  in-part feature of my daily adjustments. The art of writing has turned into a  habit, which i have cathecated, and, synchronised as part of my life.

But,in matters of introspective ,we must give credit to the web revolution which has brought to the fore and created the ,citizen journalist,the blogger.The revolution has made it a reality, the dawning of the blogging era ,and, thus has created numerous news and informative filters{the blogosphere}.

And, contrary, a trained ,institutionally accredited elite has been challenged by the citizen journalist with much triumphalism,derision and defensiveness.The bloggers do have the enthuasism to write about their neighbourhood ,and, the issues that are most important to the people living in them.Virtual discussions that are grounded in real places ,and what is interesting about these local conversations is that they involves experiences that the accredited elites in traditionally mainstream media largely ignores-for good reason.

At the end of it all these elites have realised that they can’t compete with the experts the people who live in these communities and know all the issues,whether large,or,small that happens to shape their daily lives and the world.[symposium-forum]

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