Did our leaders have a hidden agenda behind it when they were campaigning vigorously for the entrenchment of the new constitution? This agenda seems to serve their interests and political cronies if the recent political realizements are anything to go by.It is a wider scheme play to ascertain their authority while other are trying resurrect and rejuvenate their political careers.

With the new constitution in place which has created a whole ranging changes and transformation in our system of governance with the introduction of the devolved governments which has created politics slots that needs to be filled and that is where the political arithmetic is coming in.

The political supremacy battles have been rekindled, with these seats causing a lot of brouhaha among key politicians as they lines and gears up to fill these seats.Most of them are on the drawing boards strategizing which slot they will garner for and which tactical game they will deploy to enhance the survival in these turbulent political waters.They are on the roll in trying to create the necessary platform in readiness for the launch.

And, interestingly most of them have declared the seats they will vie for so that they aren’t caught up in a catch 22 situation.With almost 4 election seats to be vied for, then there is a big gamble in the offing among the politicians and to those who harbors political interests.Those who do possess considerable fortune will give it a try.

To the contrary, it is interesting to note that most of these who are harboring political ambitions and the seasoned politicians have all declared their interests in senators and governorships.The devolved governments have caused an influx and most of them are flocking to these seats creating a big inflow into these units at the expense of been Members of National Assembly. A seat in the devolved government is the in-thing now as it seems as if it might be more senior than been a mere member of parliament due to the wider area of jurisdiction it will command plus the devolved resources.

But, at the end of it all, will we be doing ourselves any favor, or, will we face the inevitable as most leaders, intellectuals are all going for the senators and governors seats at the expense of been Members of Parliament? Who will be legislating new laws if the best mind decides to vie for the devolved government seats? And, will the new devolved government dilute the impactness of the National Assembly, the arm of the Government that legislate laws?

It will be naïve and pity if most leaders do flow the path of the devolved government’s while ignoring the parliament.It will be a futile exercise and we will be shooting ourselves at the foot if we decide to relegate the parliament and not elect quality representatives.

In any state or republic that prophesizes democracy as it’s one of it’s ideals the institution of parliament stands out as one of the key pillars of the Government for they are the ones legislate laws, repeal or amend.

According to the constitution, parliament’s role is the legislative authority of republic which is derived from the people and at the national level is rested and exercised by parliament.It protects the constitution and promotes the democratic governance of the republic.It may consider and pass amendments to the constitution and also deliberate on and resolve issues of concern to the people.

In conclusion, whereas the executive power is the brain of the seats, which sets all parts in motion, the legislative power is the heart of the state.It is not through the law that the state keeps alive it is through the legislative power.

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