Another debate has surfaced which is turning out to be the subject of discussion.The story revolves around what has become our everyday staple concerns,the politics and the debate about the so-called the Ocampo 6 and the I.C.C matters.According to the views floated ,it is being argued that these subjects has become a delicacy that’s being served to the kenyans ,of which is being given undue major media coverage at the expense of more real issues ,like the current high inflation rates being experienced which is ravaging the country.

And,so it has being argued that these subjects be given a media blackout so as to diffuse the tensions which has engulfed the country .The subject debates has polarised the country to the point of uncertainty.The media outlets are all awashed with these subject stories .

But,will we be able to give the media blackout coverage to politics given that they are one of the news content that stirs up that delicious delicacy in the news items?And,how can we be able to give it a blackout considering the fact that the politicians are the ones who forms the story line in the news content ,they are the protagonists,also they do influence in certain media houses?

As Aristotle argues that a man is a political animal,and ,that’s why i do think that the media blackout view might not work at all because it is totally different to draw a line between politics and our daily engagements.

The media blackout,was a view,suggestion that was fronted by the civil society groups in a bid to try to divert attention from these subject debates.It was an afterthought after it became apparent that these subjects are making ingredients in our news content,thus hampering the highlighting of other core issues.In their arguement,they said that it is ironical and hypocritical for giving priority to politics at the expense of other core issues that needs much attention.

Of late we have being treated to massive overflow of too much politics and politicking from our politicians.It had gone to a step where three senior politicians were engaged in an exchange of war of words full of insults and rhetorics,depicting each other.It was as if the country was on campaign moods as politicians criss-crossed the country chest-thumping in political rallies while declaring their political supremacy in their backyards where they do call the shots.

The media coverage of politics and the Ocampo 6 takes the major percentage of our news content,and ,especially the two of the Ocampo 6 who are political kingpins and heavyweights who have their trails being tracked by  the media.They do grab headlines after they picked a bone with Prime minister Raila Odinga ,where they have engaged him in a political contest where they have vowed to fight him and stop him politically.

But,what’s this fuss all about media blackout and will it succeed ?The call to give a media to politics is much ado about almost nothing .And,i doubt it because most of the readers and viewers  precisely aren’t forced to read what is in the media .Most of the readers dictates what what is to be read,viewed,or they just ignore it.

And,the news suckers happens to be the  politicians supporters and so they have to keep abreast with their trail and what they are up to.Most of them also do have a soft spot for politics .

The media also do have an obligation to feed it’s readers and viewers with the current news and that includes politics and it’s players.They do have an obligation and a duty to fulfill ,to feed the people with informative news in whatever content it may contain.

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