Will the chairperson of the Truth Justice and reconciliation commission, Mr. Bethuel Kiplagat, survive the storm, pass the credibility test, shrug off the accusations which have been leveled against him and prove himself that indeed he is the credible for the job? Will he survive the on slaughter, stomach, the accusations, or, will he be crucified or currently he is a man on the spot facing tough tribulations? He is at the edge of the cliff, facing acid test.

While I hold no brief or barb for the chairperson, I do only sympathize with him as he tries to stay clear of the leveled allegations. The civil society lynch mobs are up in arms protesting, trying to block Mr. Kiplagat’s assumption to that job. They are baying for his exit.

Mr. Kiplagat may have put a brave face and vowed to stay put, but, ultimately he is a man who is trapped in a thick of storm considering the weight of allegations that have been leveled against him by the civil society groups. The intensity and subject of the argument that has been leveled against him are debatable and may hold some water but the fact of the matter is that justice and truth must be allowed to prevail. He can never quite understand the vehemence that inspired objection to his leadership of truth justice commission.

This has further been complicated by the political intrigues which normally infiltrates such an undertaking coupled by the obvious ethnic juggernaut which spices the whole shenanigan.

But, intotal contrast, Mr. kiplagat’s position has become untenable and unless he can convincingly rebut the allegations leveled against him , redeem his tainted image, he remains a Man trapped between a hard rock and a hard place. And, whether he will emerge unscathed is a different matter altogether

Mr. , kiplagat ,s fate was sealed and the lost nail on the coffin was hit by south Africa “s archbishop , Desmond tutu, who had chaired a similar commission in his country said that we are deeply troubled by serious allegations of bias and misconduct that have been made against chairperson Kiplagat . the allegation about his role in the former Moi government have generated a widely held perception that he labours under an unavoidable conflict of interest and that he is unable to bring an impartial mind to bear on his important duties as a chairperson. He is unsuitable because of his service in a government accused of injustices.

But, is Mr. Kiplagat, been sacrificed at the perils of the former regimes sins, of which he was a civil servant? Are the allegations against him real and does it hold some water, or, is it just a mere sideshow meant to hoodwink the Kenyans? And should he calls it a day?

Such allegations raises fundamental concerns and going by the latest debate and demands from the public for the chair of the truth Justice Commission to resign and putting into consideration the fact that this commission is of Vital importance to the Kenyans as it will collect vital information through public hearings . Such allegations leveled against the chair throws the commission off balance, and, if the commission is denied audience by the public then there is a problem. The chairs integrity has been injured by the public perception of him.

The formation of truth justice and reconciliation commission was necessitated after the eruption of the post election violence’s, the dark days when Kenyans turned against each other. It was one of the point s highlighted in the agenda 4 of the national accord. As of the backbone key pillars of reconciliation, it was considered as a must for the country as it had slipped to the dogs due to accumulation of hatred among the different tribes.

Mr., kiplagat is a long serving career diplomat and one of the faces of former president Moi government.

The chair’s integrity has been injured by the perception of him. And, there might not be any evidence on what the public is saying, but the dice has been cased and he remains a baggage. To be the chair of the commission calls for integrity and credibility which are virtues that works together.

And, I do believe that for us to be stable and have proper healing the public should freely contribute their views and these should be well received.

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