Another debate has surfaced, and, kick started ,and,it concerns the on-going actualization of the new constitution through the various legislation bills.The women right groups and their civil society groups are demanding that their fair share of one third of representation as envisioned in the constitution must be adhered to.According to their arguement ,failure to to do so,will necessitate a constitutional crisis in the near future.They have warned that if that clause won’t be respected they would seek a constitution court redress.

As the various bills that are meant to unlock and actualize the new order are being laid in the Parliament for scrutiny,passage and adoption to beat the stipulated time deadline ,the women fraternity have raised their concern and voice.In their arguements,the new constitution clearly stipulates that a third of representation whether elected,or, appointed jobs must preserve a share for women representation.To them they are demanding what is envisioned in the constitution,and ,failure to comply and fulfill that clause will constitute a violation.

But,i think it’s a bit ironic and weird for our women to demand this representation to be given to them on a silver plate without putting a hoe in the ground.These demands have drawn a wrath of varied clash of opinions.

To the proponents of the move arguements,the women ,for quite along time have being under represented in all fields.Their voices ,concerns and issues were been swept under the carpet.Most of the times they were either shoved aside,discriminated due to their weak gender,and,above all they can’t match their aggressive male counterparts .At all times they are at a disadvantageous ,awkward position ,and,at an un-favourable grounds ,coupled by the negative ,low opinion and perception towards women.

And,that’s why they are arguing that so that they can match their male counterparts that clause in the constitution must be applicable to over a bit of leverage.

According to the opposers of the move ,such a demand is a bit outrageous ,which is in bad taste which attacks the various structures which identifies,manifests the democratic ideals.The implored women must hold their horses over the one third percent representation¬† which was no exception.They do argue that their big representation isn’t given to them on a silver plate ,they do work for it.They do inject a lot of hard work to realise their dreams and they draw alot of strategies to get elected.Sometimes one gets the feeling that our women are their own enemies ,that’s to get ahead they have to be like men.

And,don’t forget that the female gender makes up slightly over 50 percent of the voters but cannot achieve their desired representation without some legislation to aid in the objective.So much for the gender equality.

To them only what needs to be done is to level the playing field .In their arguements the women must get into the murky waters just like their male counterparts and convince the masses otherwise and not wait to be given the chance on a silver plate.The women themselves must change the society’s negative perception which most of them ¬† hold onto them.

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