On the part of our lifes,what role does money plays,and,what’s it’s significance?Isn’t it supposed to be our companion ,a beneficial factor which helps to facilitate the flow in our lifes!And,why is it that it acts as the devil that lurks behind us ,which ruins our lifes?And, what is the connection between money and women ,alcohol and failed institutions of marriage?

Last year we were buzzed with a bizarre of news of infidelity on one of the most celebrated and respected world’s sportman icon,the internationally recognized golfer,Tiger Woods.He was regarded as a no.1 golfer of all times due to his rare talent and what he had accomplished ,and amateur golfers could only dream of.He won major golfing titles where he bagged many accolades.

He was the face of the golf sport and his name was a brand.His exploits in the game were considered to be rare and unique.He was the most highly paid sportsman in the world ,plus the numerous endorsements he endorsed.

But ,the moment his infidelity and philandering acts were uncovered ,all the gains he had attained all came tumbling down.These acts fuelled his downfall from grace to the abyss.And,from those moments he hasn’t yet recovered from the setbacks despite trying to pick himself up.

This is the same replica of a story that has graced our media outlets ,although in our case it went abit awkward.With human life ,someone once said that ,grief and happiness often walk together.How true for Samuel Kamau Wanjiru.He just vanished through the thin air just like he had emerged from nowhere to be Olympic marathon champion.

On May 16,we woke up to a shocking ,terrifying news that the 2008 Beijing olympic marathon gold medalist,Samuel Kamau,had died after committing suicide ,after jumping from a balcony of his house.It was a tragedy that was sorrounded by mystery as one of the world’s greatest marathon champion fell to his death in the middle of a family quarrel over infidelity amid shocking revelations about his troubled personal life.

He died tragically and under unclear circumstances bringing much anguish to his family and sadness to an entire nation .It is the news that terrified the whole nation and the sporting world as it was unthinkable to imagine that such a young illustrious rising talent could have committed suicide.The olympic champion had blazed distance running like no other and looked destined for grater things.

It has been a sad moment for kenyans and the sporting world.He was a young ,vibrant trend setter and record breaker,who died in what appears to be an accidental circumstances.His life ended at a time when he had many marathon to conquer,golds to gather and possibly more records to break.Kenya has lost an ambassador whose fame has been celebrated all over the world.

For most of us ,he was a national hero who brought  much pride to the nation with his running exploits.But,as is with many cases of flawed talents ,his personal life wasn’t inspiring ,and ,what overshadowed his sad demise is the colourful  love life he is alleged to have led .He was a rising athlete who at time of his demise ,he was ranked among the world’s top guns ,the likes of Jamaican,Usain bolt.

But,in matter of retrospective,after critically analyzing his life journey ,what failed Kamau in his life?Or,did he fail to contain his his blazing ego which pushed him to the limits of which stressed and depressed him?Or,was it a case of a failed marriage institution,which was on the rocks which troubled him?

The marathon icon had what it takes to live in this planet ,he had the money with massive investments and a bungalow of a house.But, the trivialist mishap that trapped him is that he had no peace of mind.And,if it happens that Wanjiru didn’t manage to contain his ego he joins other stellar sports superstars who have failed miserably ,or, are in the brink of failure in their careers.It seems as if young talents who are exposed to too much money and wealth of which they are unable to handle are losing track of their lifes.They are unable to contain their egos as they goes overboard with all manner of acts which sometimes makes them slip-up.

Kamau’s demise leaves many ironical questions un-answered that needs clear solutions.At,25,he perished at the peak of his career ,and at a time he was trying to take the course of direction of his life.And,as one said that life is full of dynamics and if you don’t live that life at a time you will lose the sense of direction and stumble even before you take a course.

But why is it that so many sporting talents stars have to wrestle with self-destruction?

According to B.B.C,the life of a professional sportsman ,where fame and adulation are thrust on impressionable young men ,carries with it particular pressures.Top players are given enormous amounts of money and apart from a few hours of training everyday ,there is little to fill their time.This combination of excessive wealth and boredom can prove a dangerous mix.Addiction to drink and gambling are often the result.

Sportsmen and women the world all over do their motherland proud ,putting it squarely on the global hall of fame as they bring home the gold and silver.In the process fortunes are made ,but,winning races and having money in the bank is one thing .Maintaining a level head is another .It’s the same story from George Best to Samuel Kamau.Mismanaged super talents is a powder keg on the short travelled road to an explosive self ruin while many have raced this sad fact home with premature death,alcohol,women and heavy drinking .Many naive investments have been the bane of most sportsmen who heeled from rags to riches,before tumbling down.

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