The Kenyan politics are in the class of their own. As has been the custom and norm for this country from time immemorial a cloud of election and campaign moods hovers around all the times resisting any attempt to be blown away. The combative moods are always created by the politicians, and, it doesn’t matter which time of the year it is, or the conduciveness of the situation, as always the situation beckons to them to engage in the political shenanigan.

The situation is made worse by those politicians who considers themselves or installed themselves as tribal chiefs as they do use the tribe as a bargaining chip and an item of cutting deals with other tribes. And, woe unto you if you castigate or point accusing fingers to them over their activities for you will face the full wrath of them and their foot soldiers.

This Kind of minds, thinking and activities makes our leaders deviate from their core responsibilities, issues and delves into other non issues shenanigans. Leaders who have been mandated and given key responsibilities like cabinet ministers, deserts them to concentrate on non issues. That’s why the call for cabinet ministers to be career civil servants and not to be drawn from the politicians cannot be ignored.

And, as a country that’s how we have stagnated for a long time both economically and in other key uplifting fronts because of dealing with non issue shenanigans which we have equated as first priorities, and thus deserting the real issues that affects our lives. The ruling political class always wants to control, get first hand priorities, cater and protect their interests and that’s why they fight tooth and nail, engages the country in a combative mood to gain favour from their tribes so that they can survive in this murky and turbulent political waters.

But, why is it that only in Africa where countries are always on permanent election and campaign moods?

Consider these, after the united state of America and South Africa, concluded their elections and elected the presidents, at the moment nobody not even politicians are talking about the next election as they are concentrating on the non issues that will build their actual state.

The vice president, Kalonzo Musyoka, may have kicked off the political storm when he declared his candidature for2012 and his winning maneuvering strategy, but he is only joining a crowded pack in the race. With that move he has received a bountiful and widespread condemnation, hullabos from his critics. His arch-rivals has blasted him but they are all behaving like the proverbial ostrich, living in denial as they are also engaged in underhand dealings. Most of them are holding their cards close to the chest.

The agricultural minister, William Ruto, has followed suit and he has announced his candidature which has provoked widespread condemnation across the board within the O.D.M circles. His presidential desire co-joins him with other ambitious hopefuls although they have not made it clear, but their maneuvering tells a lot.

But, the rational motive behind these political schemes and pronouncements? According to vice president personal assistant, he said the vice president has received a lot of flak for talking about the future of Kenya. The contention is that it is not yet appropriate to talk about 2012. Let us be clear; 2012 is the future of Kenya. We cannot fear or avoid the future because our past is painful. We must remain open to the future because it will not go away. Talking about the future is healthy. It bodes well for long term stability, he concluded.

Even if they are thinking about the future, the politicians ought to hold their horse because we have a plate full of real issues which needs to be accomplished, like the resettlement of internally displaced people, the drought that ravaged people, high cost of living among other myriad of problems.

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