Politicking,politicking and too much politics ,coupled by other shenanigans in political wheel-dealing,alliances and tribal groupings have all been the hallmark of our daily occurrences in our country.They happen to be too much suffocating ,which serves as key ingredients to the political class in their delicacy which we have being fed.

Despite the fact that our country is in dire need of a sound mind ,energized energies to help tackle the developmental and other core issues,agendas,it hasn’t being the case.The real issues hasn’t being prioritized and instead we have went to the contrary,deviated from the course and on it’s place politics have taken the centre-stage.Our politicians have bombarded us and forced down our throats un-relentlessly with political shenanigans.


And,one tends to wonder why politics and politicking takes the centre-stage in our agendas?Why do we direct all our energies ,time and resources to this political shenanigans at the expense of other core issues ?Why is it that we do poison our minds with politics ignoring the hard reality of what diversion our politics takes?


It seems as if it has become a norm ,custom which has being induced in our daily lifes ,ways and in our systems.It’s a daily occurrence as we do place political shenanigans at the top at the expense of  priorities that needs our attention.These politickings are fanned by our leaders,politicians and the media,all who have made it their duty to bombard us with this bitter conction.


And,it is a pity to note that any undertaking that needs to be addressed,undertaken has to face the baptism of political fire.Politicking all our issues has been the hallmark in our schedules and perhaps one of the major un-doing that do hamper us .Politics acts as a catalyst in all our undertakings.


Introspectively,take the recent case where the Parliament is facing a daunting task which they haven’t accomplished.The accusation that is being levelled against them stems from the fact that they aren’t doing enough to actualize the new constitution by passage of certain key bills and legislations.The parliamentarians are being accused of dragging their feet and failing to meet the demands of their call and obligations.


The National Assembly ,Parliament is the arm of the government that’s mandated by the constitution to make laws ,legislate,amend and repeal them.Currently,it’s facing a heavy workload which awaits them to tackle.But,unfortunately that workload has stagnated despite there being a time frame schedule to accomplish that task.The M.ps are like busybodies for they have busied themselves and directed all their energies to other shenanigans which are out of order and place.


Since the promulgation of the new constitution ,we have failed to actualize the new laws due to the sluggishness on the part of the Parliament and the Executive.There are a number of bills that were meant to be introduced in the Parliament to help facilitate the smooth implementation of the new constitution.These bills were meant toto unlock the new laws as we make a smooth transistion from the old to the new constitution.But,they haven’t seen the light of the day in Parliament.


Our members of parliament who have the mandate and obligation to pass the laws aren’t up to that task for they have abandoned that cause.They have preoccupied themselves with the strategies of the 2012 general election and the Hague matters.Today in the political circles nobody is talking about the actualisation of the new constitution .It is a forgotten issue and what matters most is politics.


And,it is interesting to note that the parliament is throwing the ball to the executive’s court blaming it for not doing enough to prepare the necessary bills to be tabled in the House for debate and adoption.The Executive is the one which sets the agenda of the House.


To the contrary ,if the revelations that were let out of the bag are anything to go by,then we are in a tinder-box ,and nothing gainful will materialise.If ,according to the book,THE POLITICS OF BETRAYAL:A DIARY OF A KENYAN LEGISLATOR,by,Joe Khamisi,a former legislator,are to be believed ,then it confirms that shameless opportunism  is the defining mark of our politics .But, to keen kenyans,Mr.Khamisi’s revelation aren;t surprising .Integrity and un-selfishness ,which are some of the hallmarks of sound leadership,are alien to our leaders.


But,the million dollar question still begs ,why should our legislators who rank among the most highly paid in the world reduce themselves to errand boy of the highest bidder?And,whose aspiration do they represent?

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