Does it pay to be corrupt, unjust or acting immorally? In the Plato’s famous dialogue “THE REPUBLIC” there is a chapter in the dialogue where Socrates engages one of the interlocutors, Thrasymachus,a sophist. In his sophist argument he argues that it pays to be unjust and corrupt, so he had challenged Socrates about his take on the issue.

Basing his argument on his time and how the Athenian Government ran the affairs s of that dominion where the political elites were the main wheel dealers and thus corruption thrived in the government affairs as the y accumulated too much wealth at the expense of the poor. These corrupt and unjust deals forced thrasymachus to conclude that it pays to be corrupt, unjust or acting immorally.

Of what he had observed where the unjust and corrupt men are well off and successful compared to the just and virtuous man, he argues that happiness might be gained by behaving immorally instead of virtuously.

But, Socrates downplays this sophistic arguments as he dispels Thrasymarcus by telling him that this mode of practicability is devious ,ill-motivated and it doesn’t have its place in the society .Socrates continues to argue that this unjust , immorally and corrupt people are always guilt conscious because of their evil deeds.

I recalled this chapter of the book after it was revealed that compensation is on the offing to compensate the Mau forest land grabbers. Billions of tax payer s money will be diverted to compensate these corrupt land barons who at the end will be smiling all the way to the bank lurking the millions of shillings which is ill-gotten. This issue of the huge payouts to Mau forest land grabbers is indeed a travesty of justice.

These cartels who are proclaiming that they do have genuine title deeds are former well connected political elites and barons who served, or, were associated with the former regime where corruption was the order of the day .they took the chance of closeness to the power authority and in their capacities to allocate to themselves huge chunks of gazetted forests land through dubious means and then, legalized it. And it’s also note worth noting that most corrupt of these political elites and barons are adversely mentioned in most corrupt dubious rings and deals associations with the former regime.

This whole issue of Mau forest conservation has threatened to blow up the coalition government as politics and the tribal factors has already infuriated in opening up a gaping political hole where political players are trying to capitalize on the matter politically. It has also pushed O.D.M party at the edge of the cliff and on the ver3ge of disintegration.

Compensation itself has been riddled with the counter accusations which have turned out to be a blame game affair between the prime, the finance ministry and the parliament. Nobody wants to carry the blame due to the public outcry it has elicited over that huge amounts of money involved in the payouts, but, the parliament must carry out the burden and share the blame because this fraud was agreed, approved and sealed in the house.

As Aristotle argues in his book “POLITICS” that political elites and barons always have their way at the expense of the poor no matter what, is clearly replicated in this whole saga where the squatters, the small fish have already vacated the forest l[and after most of them were duped to buy the gazetted government’s land.

And, centrally to the big fish are being handled delicately where they are holding the threat tightly waiting for the handsome payout, thus approving Thrasymacus assumption sophistic argument that it really pays to be corrupt.

But, do we need to allocate huge amounts of money to compensate these land grabbers?

Moving ahead with these initiative and compensate these ballots would tantamount to an act of hypocrisy on the part of the government. We will be in a paradox box and setting a bad precedent to the society that it truly pains to be corrupt. And, such a move surmounts to cohabiting and condoning corruption in our system of government.

Acquiring a legitimate title deed for a land acquired illegally or through questionable ways is a kin of corruption. Yes the sanctity of title deeds must be respected, but, we must not turn a blind eye to title deeds that legitimize and illegality. Thus the legal position not withstanding, it is indeed obscene and unjust for masters of impunity to be paid of for land acquired illegitimately in Mau. It should be simply confiscated.

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