The petrol-fire that killed over 100 people in Mukuru Sinai slum,Nairobi,was not only a culmination of negligence on the part of the government ,but,also an inevitability of life when a people must shelter over their heads and put food on the table under inhuman conditions.

It is easy to blame fire victims if you have never lived in the slums.As the Sinai fire embers dies out the question why courts disasters continues to burn.It is easy to label victims a stiff naked people who never learn.It is hard for the middle and high income groups to understand why people would knowingly continue to expose themselves to grim danger.

The fact is that the Sinai slum residents don’t reside in this area out of ignorance and they are not on a suicide mission .The best way to describe the lives of most of them is a people caught between a rock and a hard place in a catch 22 situation.

And,the problem afflicting them shows that the bucks stops with the government for not ensuring that there is proper infrastructure in these areas.Surely,letting residents to live near prohibited areas like oil pipelines,railway lines,power lines,flood-prone areas and flight paths is akin to voluntarily allowing them to sit on a time bomb whose aftermath we will all rue sooner rather than later.The fire tragedy could have being averted if measures were taken to avoid the very first settlement there.

But,three parties are to blame for that Sinai fire -the government,politicians and the people.The fire was not an act of GOD.When a people invaded this Kenya Pipeline corporation land,the government issued eviction orders ,but,politicians opposed the eviction.We kenyans never learns from past mistakes .The same politician blamed the government for the fire.The politician must have been shedding crocodile tears .And,as kenyans we should avoid trying to get rich quickly ,however hard poverty pushes us.

While we mourn the loss of lifes ,we should realise that it is the gap between the rich and poor that has once again led to over 100 fire and illicit brews deaths in the most shameful circumstances.These are tough times for the poor in Kenya.Their children can only roam the streets because their teachers are on the strike.Public school teachers are too few and in some cases incompetent,un-trained and demoralised.

The poorman dies in the most un-dignified circumstances .His attempt to crawl out of poverty often leads to a deadly trap door.To drawn his sorrows ,he staggers to the local mama pima -drinking den,only to be killed by the lethal illicit brew.

But,as kenyans we must learn to uphold some level of dignity in whatever we do ,even in the face of adversity.We should learn to work ,not to drink ourselves to death.

It is ironic that the country is mourning the loss of lifes in 5 different tragedies ,and it is quite hurting to note that  these however are not the first instances of such cases.But,the million dollar question still begs .until when shall we as kenyans ever learn?And,why is it that we do always court tragic tragedies?

And,not trying to lay the blame on victims,kenyans seem ready to always take risks and no one is ready  to take the blame.Everyone points on accusing finger and at the end of it all,no solution is ever found.With all these evils happening in the country ,we need to ask ourselves what and where we went wrong .Deaths on our roads ,hunger and starvation ,the rising cost of living ,just to mention a few ,are indicators that we need some urgent intervention .Let our leaders redefine our country.

These tragedies betrays a serious lack of knowledge ,a clear indication that the level of literacy among kenyans is on the wane.In this tragic tragedies lifes have being lost.Introspectively,whenever these cases happen ,kenyans are  fast to swear that it will never happen again and so when it happens ,we just watch and repeat the same words .The blame game then begins.No one is ready to take the blame .Everyone points an accusing finger to that other department ,and ,at the end of it all,no solution is ever found until another disaster happens and we remember that we were looking for a solution way back.

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