When the big uncle Sam comes calling, especially in Africa, it’s better to postpone and disrupt all your engagements and according to him the necessary attention, hearing he or she deserves. Everything comes to a stand still because of a big brother. When he visits any country, it’s as if his country has migrated as he comes along with his own set up of things, requirements, security detail and services.

This is United State of America for you. They are much obsessed with their leaders and they can scale overboard to such an extent of tooth and nail in the name of protecting them. They do go at great lengths to screen everything and even if it’s air to ensure their safety. With the global extremist terrorist threats targeting the American and its allies, they don’t take anything for granted as they normally rolls out the necessary mechanism to protect the leaders.

These blanket security arrangement are normally carried out in a hyped and overboard manner. But the manner, in which it’s been carried out and executed remains suspect and has faced harsh criticism from the host’s country and it’s people as they normally rolls out the necessary mechanism to protect mechanism to protect their leaders.

These blanket security management are normally carried out in a hyped and overboard manner. But, the manner in which it’s been carried out executed remains suspect and has faced harsh criticism from the host’s countries and its peoples as they normally complain of how their life’s are been disrupted and their daily engagements thrown into disarray.

Take the recent case of Secretary of state of U.S.A, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was in Nairobi, attending the annual 8th African Growth and Opportunity Act, conference meeting. The agenda of the conference was to evaluate the gains and explore new alternatives so that A.G.O.A can reach it’s target.. But whether Africa has gai0ned from A.G.O.A, or not is a story for another day.

The A.G.O.A is an initiative which was initiated by the Bill’s Clinton presidency to help the African countries access the American Markets in a more relaxed stringent rule.

So, Madam Secretary of state was in attendance of American representatives and, so is

the case when Uncle Sam comes calling, all the shrills were thrown in the spanner as they went at great lengths to ensure her safety. The normal flows of occurrences were interrupted, and, it seemed as if the whole of U.S.A was in town because they took the centre stage.

When Madam Clinton landed in town the government was forced to go an extra mile to boost her security which was reinforced by the American secret agents which had taken over. Then the hotel she was staying in and its vicinity was out of bounds to the ordinary citizens, and if you happened to access it you had to pass numerous checkpoints which were mounted to verify your identity. You couldn’t enjoy your favourite drink of sumptuous meal peacefully in that restaurant

Communication was also a problem because all the networks had been jammed making it difficult to make a phone call. Most of the roads were also closed if her itinery happened to pass on those roads. And, the Kenyan security was almost substituted by their American counterparts, as thousand of secret agents were on the loose keeping tabs on the on-goings.

This sheer American over doing of security reminds me of a time in Tanzania in yester years when Bill Clinton visited there. The Americans went overboard to an extent that senior ministers were subjected to a through screening, checking and their vehicles were sniffed at by the sniffer dogs. The bottled water he was offered was substituted with their own Pepsi can.

But, what’s all this security hype, frills and overdoing mannerism all about with the American as they goes overboard in their execution, all in the name of enhancing protection to their leaders, in total disregard of host’s government?

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