What’s next after the confirmation of the charges against the four kenyans?

The decision by The International Criminal Court,to confirm 4 out of 6 cases the Prosecutor had submitted to the Pre-trial chamber,has ended the anxiety that had gripped the country since the process began last year.And,the resultant of the ruling had claimed the jobs of Deputy-prime minister,Uhuru Kenyatta and Ambassador,Francis Muthaura,as the Finance minister and Head of civil servants and Secretary to the cabinet ,respectively.

After the Pre trial chamber majority ruling judges confirmed the kenyan cases,and,especially those touching the two leading presidential hopefuls,messrs Kenyatta and William Ruto,it has opened a floodgate of varied mixed opinions from across the political divide on their validity and legitimacy to contest in the coming general elections.Political observers,pundits and law scholars have all voiced their considered opinions.

And,the big discussion debate which is making rounds right now ,which turns out to be the subject of contenticity is the validity and whether the two presidential hopefuls who commands big populous voting blocks can still contest for presidency with their cases already confirmed at the International Criminal Courts,which are on their hot pursuits on their heels.

The funny part of this whole shenanigans is that we are all reactionaries to to the I.C.C.The Government,political elites,riling class and most kenyans at large are all concerned and trying to save the skin of these suspects,praying and sympathising with them,but,nobody is thinking,nor,talking about the resettlement and the plight of the Internally displaced persons,who are still languishing in tents.The debate has overshadowed our daily undertakings to the point of forgetting these people who were affected by the violences.

Supporters of these suspects,two of whom are in the presidential race ,received the news with a lot of sobriety,an indication that kenyan have learnt a few lessons from the post election violences.

But,with the jury out,the million dollar question now begs,what next after the confirmation of the charges?Will the ruling bind us as a country which always aligns itself towards tribalism,or,will it disintegrate further to it’s political divisions?Will it change our mode of politicking,which will change the political demographics due to shifting of allegiances?And,what’s at stake putting into consideration how negative perceptions and repercussions always do affect and accompany all our undertakings and basic issues?

And,to the International Criminal Court,will it establish itself as a credible and acceptable legal institution which will lender justice to all without favourism?In a Continent where it’s influence has dwindled to it’s low ebb,the court has a tall order to establish itself.Due to what most african refer to it as unfairly targeting africans while totally turning a blind eye to the west who commits most crimes and atrocities with impunity and yet they aren’t targeted tells a lot to them.It does have an uphill task to find it’s footing in the continent.

The ruling has cast a long shadow in our politics which will obviously change the political demographics in our mode of politicking.The two leading lights ,Kenyatta and Ruto,do have large voting blocks in their strides ,and,whichever direction they will embark on will obviously change the political discourses.And,putting into consideration the recent prayer-cum-political rallies they have embarked on around the country to rally their supporters is obviously a strategic move.

It is in these rallies that the two have vowed not to relent on their presidential ambitions and that their names must be in the ballot papers.

And,it’s that idea which has caused furore and a lot of brouhaha in the country.A clash of opinions is dominating the scenes as each party tries to put it’s case forward.Political analysts,observers and law scholars have all voiced their two cents worth of opinions on the legitimacy and illegitimacy of these two presidential hopefuls.

To those of the contrary view to the two have argued that the two fails the integrity test as outlined in chapter 6 of the new constitution.But,it’s Justice Minister,Mutula Kilonzo’s, stand that has pricked the hornet’s nest.He is arguing that the two should drop their ambitions unless they are cleared by the court,as they are charged with crimes against humanity.He has ignited the floodgate of criticism ,he is acting as a lone voice in the desert,while voicing his reservation of the two in their quest to contest in the coming elections.

But,the two have stuck to their guns insisting that their names must be in the ballot papers come may what.In their arguments ,it’s their constitution right to participate in any election.

And,to those who are waiting in the sidelines so as to benefit from their indictments ,things stands to head to the haywire because of the propaganda tactic that have being employed by the duo.

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