Prior to any sport event that either happens in the country or away the hype that surrounds such an event brings the assumption that the impending game would be won with big margins. Most Media outlets are awash with big headline stories of how prepared we are and how we have formulated the best winning formula. The coaches and players who happens to address the press conferences confidently predicts for big win margins and how the team is in good spirit and form.

But, wait for the big day and contrary to the expectations the country’s team losses miserably and a loose of which one can call stupid occasioned by school boy errors and blunders.

This is the familiar story that normally accompanies the National Soccer Team – The Harambee Stars, and, this is what befelled to them after they went down by a solitary goal in Mozambique, in a World Cup qualifying match which doomed the chances of the stars of ever making it to the world cup in South Africa. That Loss also positioned the stars in an awkward position, for their chance of making it in the Africa Cup of Nation’s in Angola, hangs on the balance.

Harambee Stars may have kissed goodbye the World’s big soccer show case, but there are big questions that still lingers and haunts our minds which begs to be answered, especially for the soccer fanatics. The commencement of the English premier League may have offered the necessary consolation solace, but in reality we do act like the proverbial ostrich that hid its head in the sand refusing to know. It’s only a directionally tactic we do employ to avoid been hit by the realism that our soccer is in doldrums.

But, to where did our soccer head to because at all times we are at a downward spiral? According to most soccer pundits Kenya do have the talents, who have what it takes to perform, but the problem lies with the management of the game. For quite along time our soccer game has been tilting to the dogs, has been in the doldrums, and it’s quite unfortunate that the football federation isn’t prepared to put their house in order.

But, blame it the football officials who are mandated to manage our game. Instead of managing they have ruined it with all manner of corruption, mismanagement, divisions which create different factions coupled by frequent squabbles.

In Total comparison with the triumphant athletic team, the soccer team is totally parallel with it, despite soccer been most loved, a crowd puller and attracts a large fun base. The triumphant Athletic team came third in the World Athletic Championship which was held in Berlin, behind U.S.A and Jamaica respectively. The athletes have been pocketing handsome rewards from the government, while their soccer counterparts have have been walking paupers.

But, what prompts our athletic teams to always triumph and our soccer team always fails? What equilibrium buoyancy makes our athletic team to soar above whereas our soccer teams always do stumble? What ticking formula do our athletic team do employ which our soccer team can’t borrow a leaf from? And, why is it that the management of athletics is perfect, while our soccer federation is in shambles at all times?

The answers to these questions have largely been unattended and yet have been told over and over again. The remedies of what ails our soccer have not yet been discovered despite too much talk which hasn’t yielded anything.

Concerning the failure of the National Soccer Team to qualify for the World cup, we need to blame ourselves for what we shot ourselves in the feet. How can you explain these; how on earth can you dismiss a local coach who has no winning record just because he is a foreigner. The honourable Prime Minister owes us an explanation for short changing us.

The Football Kenya Limited Management has not been at it’s par and it has faced numerous accusations, ranging from the player’s selection in the National Team which has been questioned and a claim of Favourism been cited among the premiership clubs.

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