What is it in political power that obsesses the political leaders?Why is it that they do fight till the nail end in trying to seek power?And,why is it that those who holds it wants to cling to it till the end of time?

According to political observers the desire for the political power is so immense especially in Africa and Arab worlds due to the trappings that are associated with that power ,and the influence .Beneath that power lies the driving force that influences.Power happens to be that cog in the wheel ,the nerve centre.

But,in that effect,does this desire for power up for any good,or,is it a total fatality?

According to PLATO in his book,”THE REPUBLIC”he argues that the ideal city depicted in the republic was fatally unable to cope with the key insight of liberal politics ,which is that “power corrupts”.Desire for power and more than that destroys.Yet,at it’s core is a related but deeper insight.

He further states that it destroys people in never ending pursuits of power which undermines their psychological health.And,it destroys politics as rulers desiring power for self-gratification  undermines political units .

It’s that desire that makes most political leaders fight till the nail edge to acquire it.It is also that desire that corrupts the throne at the power ,thus condoning and courting all manner of ill vices that affects the society.

These  leaders who mostly comes from Africa ,Middle East and some Carribean countries are known to cling onto power to the point of declaring themselves as life presidents.Democracy in these countries happens to be a thing of the past ,until recently where there has being some revolutions in the Arab worlds.These regimes are ruled with dictatorial tendencies ,where these dictators rules with an iron fist,crushing and silencing the dissenting views.

They trek extra miles in trying to accomplish their mission ,even if it means using unorthordox  means ,intimidation ,violence ,or,using their ill-gotten wealth to influence ,all in the name of clinging and retaining power.Some goes even a step further to amend the constitution so that it can suite their agendas and play to their advantage.

But,the million dollar question still begs ,what is it in power,which creates craveness obsession?

The desire for more power coupled by the trappings that are asssociated with power underneath it makes it something to be craved for.In Plato’s words power corrupts,hence these leaders don’t think,or,imagine a situation of themselves being out of power ,due to the many offences they have committed while in power .They do fear the aftermath and effects of their regimes.The phobia of being hauled in courts to account for their deeds sends shivers down in their spines.

And,that’s why a situation is always created for the incumbent’s win.Other Middle East countries ,save for Israel and some Carribean countries know nothing about democracy.

Just look and analyse what is transpiring in Cote d’voire,Libya,Syria and what is replicating  in the Arab world.The situations in these coutries are desperate and it will require the biblical wisdom of Solomon to solve the crisis which is deteriorating with each an every passing day.

It is a grave situation in some of these countries and the way out of these stalemate hasn’t being found .But,what will be the the way out ?

In some of these situations it has taken the intervention of the International Community  to quell and save the situation.

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