What is it in an election date

The Independent Election and Boundaries Commission’s proposal that March 4 be the next election date has riled many.Since that announcement of that date which has caused a lot of furore ,has generated heat and raised the political temperatures in the political circles,a lot of varied opinions has being levelled.A clash of opinions has erupted with some supporting the date,while others have totally dismissed it.

It’s a move which has precipitated a confrontation of arguments,with some arguing that there were no proper consultations concerning the poll date.And,chief among them is the O.D.M party that was expecting December 17.It’s party leader ,who is the Prime minister have being vocal in opposing the said date.And,the height of his criticism was best captured while dismissing the poll date in a cynical reference of the High Court ruling where he termed the courts as kangaroo courts.

So,I.E.B.C ,settled on that date on the strength and guidance of the High Court ruling and the failure of the two principals to consult and agree on the poll date.

But,this confrontation has exposed our underlying weaknesses in addressing and handling of our issues and undertakings.The obsession with politics and by extension elections will surely be our bane which will so blatantly be our major un-doing.And,it seems as if we will never agree on anything without a quarrel.We are always a disgruntled society,with sharp in differences in our midst which acts as the wedge that divides us.

The political wrangles over the date of the next general election have precipitated unnecessary tensions and uncertainty in the country.What the situation indicates is lack of leadership in a coalition government that often seem in conflict with itself

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