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university degree certificate,leadershipWhat is it in a University degree certificate ,in relation to leadership?Does a University degree transforms one to be a good leader?Are the degree holders the most outright , and, creative thinkers of all times ?And, is one condemned to obvilion if you aren’t a University degree holder while seeking an elective post?
These were the questions which were lingering in most Kenyans minds in the recent past ,after Parliament had altered and amended a miscellaneous Bill to make a mandatory for persons seeking elective posts to be University degree holders.In their wisdom they had argued that henceforth putting into consideration that Parliament will be an integral part of the system of govenance ,for they will be required to vet appointees ,and, legislate laws ,thus it would be imperlative for the legislators to be of high academic accredited personalities .
And,that move had illicited varied mixed reactions from Kenyans who criticised the move terming it as selfish with an ulterior motive behind it.It took the intervention of the President who refused to accent to the Bill due to the alterations ,and, he resent the Bill back to Parliament for ratification .
In Kenya we do have a history of many great leaders who served as Cabinet ministers,and,Members of Parliament, who were not degree holders .But,once they were assigned big jobs in government they performed the tasks with much zeal and perfection ,even better than the degree holders .And,a case in point ,remains that of the Late Njenga Karume ,who was not a degree holder ,but, he rose to head one of the sensitive and powerful ministry ,that of Defence.Also ,he was an able Legislator who represented his constituents in Parliament ,where he contributed much in the debates at the floor of the House.And,as a leader he was much celebrated in the country.
While waxing history on this raging debate ,one classical example stands out,that of Sir Winston Churchill,the best Prime Minister,Britain had ever had .Sir Churchill ,who did not pass examinations ,had what was needed for leadership;honesty,integrity and committment to work for the country and all the people

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