Following the nomination of Dr.Willy Mutunga ,as the designate Chief Justice ,the appointment has illicited mixed reactions which has necessitated a clash of opinions.Nobody in the kenyan society could have thought that his nomination would cause a divide in the country which had yearned for change and going by the past record of him fighting for the second liberation.

The clash of opinions which is taking the course is pitting the liberals against the conservatives.Ironically,Dr. Mutunga,seemed a perfect choice suited to be the occupier of the office ,but,due to the clash of opinions his nomination seems un-certain.His appointment has to get the approval from the Parliament,which is already divided,thus throwing  his appointment off the balance.

But,what’s this beef which has precipitated the clash of opinions.It happens that Dr.Mutunga ,wears a stud in one of his ears.According to him ,he started wearing that stud in 2003 and so it has a special significance attachment to him.And,thus he has vowed that it rather he loses that job rather than drop his stud which he holds so dear due to it’s special attachment it carries.

He said that ,he could not trade his earring for anything -including the Chief Justice post,i wear my stud not because of my sexuality ,but my spirituality.There is no way i can remove this stud even if i becomes the chief justice.If i’m told i must remove it to get a job of c.j ,i would say “keep your job”.”I have two ancestors ,a man and a woman,they both had earrings and in 2003  as i prayed to them ,they instructed me to wear one so that they can protect me”.

After the  Judicial Service Commission nominated him to be our next Chief Justice,the move raised more heat than the dust.First to raise the red flag was William Ruto,the Eldoret North,Member of Parliament,who rejected his nomination by saying that they are going to block Dr.Mutunga’s appointment in Parliament because he wears studs on his ears,and talks to spirits.

Also the members of Parliament from across the divide have declared that they will oppose  Mutunga’s approval for the C,J post,saying that the stud would jeopardise the execution of his duties in court and in Parliament.If he can’t tell us the meaning of this stud ,then Dr. Mutunga should forget about it ,they vowed.

Religious leaders have also joined the fray in opposing the nomination.According to Catholic Church Bishops,they said that ,we need people with a judicial philosophy that reflects natural laws,the kenyan religious and african cultural values ,including our universal respect for life,our recognition of the importance of family well-being and our appreciation of the role of religion in public and private life.The excessive emphasis on academic excellence and radical reformism is not sufficient.Justice fundamentally involves moral order.

But,what’s is it in a stud and earring ,especially when it’s being worn by the male gender?What special attachment does it carry on the part of the one who wears it?And,why do some men do associate and identify themselves with this studs are looked at with a suspicious eye in the society?Does it have any significance or any religious ritualism conviction?

Since time immemorial ,studs andd earrings have being with us ,it’s a carry over from the generations which has spread world over ,from Jay-z,50cent to thetraditional Maasai morans all don this earrings and studs.They are worn either as a fashion,custom,tradition and religion,wealth and investment,theatre,attraction,gift appeciation ,identity therapeutic significance,sign of development and spirituality status and a show of rebellion.

And,so it’s this “stud” which has become the subject of contenticity and discussion in the country.The kenyans have already drawn the lines ,while some have welcomed his candidature as the right person for the job because he is an academic and a reformer,others have questioned his morals which has being linked to his sexual orientation.

To those who supports his candidature they are arguing that he is a reformer who possesses good academic background and also he is an outsider to the judiciary.He is not tainted by corruption and he won’t be trapped in this cobweb that traps the judicial officials .They do also argue that the issue of his stud shouldn’t be dragged in these whole process as it might jeopardise his credentials.

They do claim that those who are opposed to Dr Mutunga’s appointment were the reactionaries and tribalists from the former regime .Those who had opposed constitutional reforms,criminals who were afraid of a reformed judiciary.

According to those who have questioned his morals they are basing their arguements on the part of the religious morals which they have argued that his morals including his stud doesn’t correspond to the societal,christian background that identifies this country.

To the religious fanatics,regardless of a person’s intellectual capability and openness to reforms,moral character still counts.Our character defines the world we live in.A recent decline in moral character has resulted in decadence in the society.People of good Godly character makes good Godly laws.Everything hinges on the characters of the men and women we choose to set-up public policy.

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