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mini-skirt,educationWhat is it in a Mini-skirt ,in relation to education?This dress item ,in the name of a mini-skirt ,has in the recent past caused a bit of drama which turned out to be a subject of discussion.It is a debate which spilled over in our talks.Much was talked about the pros and cons of the Mini-skirt ,with the main story line being ,do we embrace the mini-skirt as part of the school uniform?

Critics and protagonists have argued their cases with each side putting it’s best foot forward .But,in our modern society ,which is facing a lot of challenges ,which is a bit conservative and dictated by the cultural societal set up and religious beliefs ,we must ponder to ask whether ,it is appropriate and right to embrace the mini-skirt as part of dressing code in our schools.In most African societies ,a mini-skirt is considered as immoral ,and,remains banished in the society.It is considered as an indecent wear which goes against our religious beliefs and cultural norms.

But,in the fashion world,a mini-skirt is a hot item,which is considered as an in-thing fashion.Modern women are adorning mini-skirts as part of their wardrobe wears.And,according to fashion analysts,women who wear mini-skirts are sexy,beautiful and attractive.

Also,mini-skirts are popular with the red light district commercial sex workers,who displays their bodies with an intention of attracting customers.

The mini-skirt debate was kicked off by the Education Minister,Hon.Mutula Kilonzo,while replying over a strike which was orchestrated by a girl’s school over what they termed as inappropriate uniforms.That girl’s school dressing code demanded that they do wear long skirts ,but to the girls,that dressing code was inappropriate.

And,in effect ,the minister ,said that the girls’ shouldn’t be confined to the dressing code which is not appropriate to them ,and,thus they should not be subjected to the dressing that equates them to nuns.They should wear what they want even if it’s a mini-skirt.

With those remarks from the minister ,they sparked a fireball of criticism which spilled over to the public domain,with the minister the full wrath of parents ,guardians,and religious organizations.

But,the million dollar question is,do we embrace mini-skirts as part of dressing code in school uniforms?According to critics ,embracing mini-skirts in schools is tauntmount to devaluing of our morals .The students minds will deviate from their core responsibility of learning.Also,the male teachers who will be teaching them will be tempted ,and,at the receiving end of their indecent wear.

Education,like any other social endeavour ,is meant to empower citizens with the knowledge to meaningfully contribute to socio-economic development and any deviation from that core responsibility certainly do have disastrous effects.

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