What is at stake for our dear country ,what future does it hold,putting into consideration the fact that it has being hit by a series of Civil servants strikes? | teachers,doctors,lecturers,civil servants,salary,pay

teachers,doctors,lecturers,civil servants,salary,payWhat is at stake for our dear country ,what future does it hold ,putting into consideration the fact that it has being hit by a series of civil servants strikes?And,what befell our dear country because it seems as if we are jumping from a frying pan landing into the fire?Right now teachers,doctors ,and,lecturers ,have all downed their tools demanding pay increments ,while others are issuing strikes notices ,and,this tells it all .

The government seems to have being caught off guard by these strikes ,and,it seems that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel .There is no solution of how to revolve around these strikes.It seems the government is in a tight corner wondering what next.

These striking civil servants are all crying for an increase of their salaries .According to their arguments ,what they are earning are peanuts ,and,what they are demanding is what they had negotiated with the government .At the other end ,the government is saying that it doesn’t have the money to honor the pay deals.

With the rising high economic times,these civil servants ,have a case to argue ,that their salaries aren’t comparative with the real economic situation on the ground.

To the striking civil servants ,what they are agitating for ,is their right ,what they had negotiated with the government ,of which the government hasn’t honored on it’s part of their agreement .They also accuse the government for dragging it’s feet when it comes to honoring their pay packs.It keeps on complaining that there’s no money to bankroll their pay increase.

But,blame the disparate in the government’s salary scale on it’s civil servants that makes it’s workers to go on strikes more often.While senior government officials earns lumpsum hefty pay packs which are reviewed regularly ,their low end civil servants earns peanuts.This is one fatal mistake that the government commits.

Senior government officials ,Members of Parliament,Judges ,constitutional office holders,and,commissioners of various commissions enjoys taking home more than 1 million shillings,plus ,hefty allowances which enables them to live large ,their low end counterparts earns peanuts,with their salary scale amounting to shs.20,000,which is heavily taxed.

And,to add insult to the injury ,the government recently went ahead and awarded senior government officials a hefty pay allowances increase,which was considered unconstitutional and untimely ,which came at a worst time when other low end civil servant have downed their tools demanding salary increments.It was a slap in the face.How can the government say it has no money when it can increase allowances for Permanent Secretaries?

It is this disparate in the salary scale which isn’t comparative to the real reality of life that puts the government in an awkward position and situation.The story of harmonizing salaries has being the story line of the government for along time ,and,they have been dragging their feet ,employing delay tactics over the matter.That huge salary gap tells a lot ,and, that’s what makes strikes to be a normal occurrence in our country.

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