What has befallen our buildings because they keep on collapsing more oftenly,especially while under construction?What is it that they keep on collapsing ?And,what’s the government doing to scrutinize and to check whether these buildings are being built to the required standards?But, nowadays ,are the buildings that are being built ,are they up to the required standard to sustain and withstand the pressures to avoid any prospect of a disaster?

The way this buildings are collapsing raises concern over the safety of most of them.It is a question that is on the sleeves of most kenyans who wants to know the safety of this buildings.

Last week two buildings collapsed while under construction ,with one in Embakasi,killing people and injuring others.According to source ,that ill-fated building had been blacklisted by the Nairobi City Council,but,the owner sought a court injuction that prevented the city council from implementing on of it’s by-laws.

It’s a known fact that most kenyan buildings are not built up to the required standards.They are built haphazardly¬† and thus exposing kenyans to dangers.The cartel-like contractors who aren’t qualified are always contracted¬† to build this buildings ,who always do shoddy work.Most of them and the owners do ignore the laid down procedures that is required when putting up a building.Also,we have to cotend with the fact that either the building isn’t built up to the standard,or, the building itself is built on an illegal piece of land.

But,it seems as if here in KENYA we do things in total reverse,we do seek solutions to a problem when a disaster has struck,and if we take any measure it’s a half measure.This was not the first building to collapse ,there were others .But,despite the recommendations of one commission which was handed to the goverment and been warned that most building aren’t to the standard,it has been reluctant to react.It doesn’t put up adequate measures to curb the influx of poorly constructed buildings.And,if there are procedures ,the government doesn’ follow them to the letter to caution the would be building owners and contractors to avert any disaster in the near future.

The biggest impediment is corruption.Corruption  makes the laid down procedural laws to be bended so that it can suite the well to do.The Nairobi City Council has been accused of severally because of condoning massive corruption which thrives and is much rife in that council which makes most of the things to go haywire.Poor planning and mismanagement on the part of the council has been blamed for the poor infrastructural developments.

It has been cited that there are so many illegal buildings which didn’t follow the right procedures when they were being built of which they might collapse any time soon.They are a disaster in waiting.

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