If there is one key institution most Kenyans soccer lovers love to hate and if accorded a chance they can pipe away its life within a flash of second and then flush it to the grave without much appraisation, its Kenya football federation. The football federation official’s management has turned out to be a total failure in our system.

For the gazillion years the football federation has totally failed to put their house in order and only what only what emanates from them is a total mismanagement of our soccer, corrupt cases, bickering and different factions that do claim a stake to manage the football.

Their continued mismanagement over the years has affected our soccer to the point where our soccer has gone to the dogs. Their don’t care attitude has hindered many talents, our national soccer team has totally failed to qualify for any major tournament, even the just concluded Africa cup of nation, or, the world cup. Our own premier league has nothing to write home about, it’s in shambles and it has been overwhelmed by the English premier league which most Kenyan soccer lovers do have attachment to.

Concerning the K.F.F homepage nothing positive can be written home about and it’s negativity point was recently driven home no when one of the Kenyan rising soccer star, MacDonald Mariga, was denied a work permit by the British authorities at the expense of our country’s soccer, which is below the par. mariga was to be signed by Manchester city, after they showed a keen interest in him., but to his amazement and that of his fans, that whole plan flopped at the last minute.

But, why is that this shenanigans of mismanagement ,corruption that continues to affect our federation and to the larger extent our key governance institutions continues to thrive and goes to unabated without any query ,cant we salvage what is left ? Or, is it that our national human ethos has deteriorated to the brink of oblivion? To most soccer pundits, mariga is one of the few rising young influential midfielders that have ever emerged from the country. He has shown the prospects of improving his game if the necessary exposure and challenge was to be accorded to him. While sympathizing with him, they argued that his individual talented ability was sacrificed at the altar of his country’s failure.

But, was it an act of just on the part of the British authorities to sacrifice his talent at the expense of his mother’s country’s failure?

According to the reader while commenting on the issue in the letters to the editor, wrote that it’s like university rejecting a candidate, who has excelled in the examinations simply because his school does not feature in the high up in the national ranking .surely, it’s not Kenya that was going to play for man city, but, one of our stars. He concluded by castigating the football officials for their total failure shameful ever relenting squabbles.

This is one voice in a thousand who have raised their furious castigating concerns while at the same time sympathizing with the soccer star.

It was one of the most sporting breaking news that ever graced our news channels which was greatly applauded by most soccer loving Kenyans. Finally the day had dawned when one of our own was going to grace the English premier league which most Kenyans do have special attachment to.

And, credit goes to our K.F.F officials for running down our own premier league to a point of brink failure, which forced most soccer fans to shift the goal posts and allegiance. Most have found solace and comfort to this English teams and that’s why they do identify with them. And, that’s why the news was received with such a strong enthusiasm.

The English premier league transfer window was coming to a close and Manchester city, arguably one of the richest clubs announce that they wanted to sigh mariga whom they have been tracking for quite a while. But, the matter of signing him was a subject for him if he was to grant a work permit .everybody was up in arms praying that he succeed in his soccer Endeavour’s and play in one of the most competitive league in the world.

But, alas, we were mistaken; a hiccup was on the cards for it took only 10 minutes for Mariga’s formal request to be turned down due to technicality. A technical technicality hit and aborted the whole plan. After passing all the tests, he was denied a work permit by the British authorities on the grounds that Kenya is ranked poorly in the world of soccer .but; a consolation was on his way after Inter Milan signed him.

According to, F.A, rules and regulation, for any foreign player to be granted a work permit his mother country must be ranked on the top 70 in the F.I.F.A rankings. And, according to the latest world ranking, Kenya is ranked no.112, meaning that the level is way below the required standards

Thus, the Kenyan star failures to secure a work permit just because Kenya is ranked outside the top 70 in the world is a displeasure ,awful and in bad taste .but, we do have to accept that law and its applicable .so ,we can conclude that it is a problem of our own making which we can’t lame anybody.

But, who is to blame? Our football officials must bear the burden and share the blame because the bucks stop with them concerning the governance of our soccer. The consequences of their endless bickering amonmg soccer administrators have finally struck home with the shutting of MacDonald Mariga out of the E.P.L. the lot and low standards of our soccer is the result of the greed for power, mismanagement and corrupt on the part of the Kenya football federation officials.

Its sound awkward that some people want to do things their own way, while undermining others over football governance .boardroom power play have robbed Mariga of a chance to play for Manchester city.

But, until when we shall we continue to complain to the football official authorities to put their house in order and bring forth our beautiful game? It seems as if the stakes are high and we might wait a little bit longer because right now there are two factions that do lay claim they are the ones who manage soccer. Currently there is a case at F.I.F.A headquarters concerning these two factions.

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