Was the international community justified in it’s quest to quell following the joint assault with assault enforce a no-fly zone over Libya and prevent col.Muammar Gaddaffi vanquishing rebels in Benghazi?

Following the intense onset of the much hyped revolution which is trying to ouster the long time president ,Muammar Gaddaffi,who has vowed not to step down ,deadly eruption of violences have raged on,where Gaddaffi forces are using excessive force to quell the protests.As a result innocent civilians are dying due to the onslaughter that is being meted out by the pro-government forces who are loyal to the president.

The rebel Libyans have staged an uprising against Gaddaffi’s dictatorial rule where he has ruled for more than 40 years with iron fist.He considered himself as the LIBYA where he ruled with his own version of chairman MAO like book -the red book.He has dismissed the and termed the revolution as an inconsequential  nonsense that is being orchestrated by the west power and Al Queda terrorist extremist elements.

But,despite the on-going of the revolution he has stayed put ,countering any attempt to ouster him.He has vowed to fight till the last drop.And,that’s why he is using excessive force to counter the uprising against his regime .It is being rumoured that many civilians have died due to the terror that is being unleashed on them.

And, it’s on this regard that the international community through a resolution of the United Security Council have responded to the crisis.Led by France,Britain and USA they have stepped up military interventions to save the innocent civilians and situation.And,also to attacks on the civilians.

They have bombarded several military positions in trying to disable the libyan amry.They also floated the idea of arming the rebels so that they can match up the soldier’s firepower.But,the idea is receiving cold reception due to the negative repercussion it might attritube in the long run,just like in Afghanistan  in where America helped Afghanistan to ouster the Soviet Union ,only to bred terrorism.

But ,that military intervention have received oppossition from Russia ,which has stated that there were other better strategies that could have being used to quell the crisis.In their arguement they said that that action threw everything into disarray as the situation might not be saved at the long run.

Since the much hyped revolution engulfed LIBYA as a part of extension from the Arab world,Libya has being in total chaos.It’s dictatorial president has being adamant to leave power at the behest of his fellow libyen ganging against him ,where he has vowed to stay put and that he will as a matry while defending it.Talkabout going against the grain .

Despite many deaths,displacements being witnessed due to excessive force there seems to be no relenting on the both sides .The west have being pressuring him to call it quits ,even offering a free passage to exile ,but he has vowed to on despite all odds.

The west have gone a step further and imposed an economical embargoand freezing of the assets,but ,says it is a scheme to get rid of him and benefit from the Libyans’ oil.

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