Was it a propaganda,or,was it a well calculated plot to assassinate the Prime Minister,Raila Odinga?

Was it a propaganda which was meant to divert attention from the core issues of a burning house,or,was it a well calculated and orchestrated plot to assassinate the prime minister which leaked before it executed?Or,was it a political strategy which was meant to solicit public sympathy?

The unfortunate allegation by Gem,Member of Parliament,Jakayo Midiwo,that there was an orchestrated plan to assassinate the Prime minister has being the subject of discussions which has dominated our talks.It has raised political temperatures and suspicions in an ethnically and tribal nation which might polarise it,putting into consideration the delicate times we are in.The allegations has already overburdened our security apparatus.

The Prime Minister ,putting into consideration his political status in the country ,is a senior member of the government ,and,the mere allegation that his life is in danger draws the country’s attention which goes beyond our psyches.And,putting into consideration the tight security he do enjoy at all times which rivals that of the President ,we as Kenyans are left at crossroads wondering what about the common citizen who doesn’t enjoy such a security.

In the presence of the Prime Minister,the occasion was at a funeral that the Gem ,M.p used as a platform to utter this words in the public domain that there was hatched plot which was meant to assassinate the Prime minister,Raila Odinga.And,it was in that forum that he implicated the Foreign Affairs minister,another minister,a Permanent Secretary and a security officer in the alleged plot.It’s a claim which he has since recorded statement with the police ,telling his side of the story.

But,in a quick rejoinder,the Director of Public Prosecution ,who had ordered the police to institute investigation over the allegations ,has dismissed them as mere falsehoods which doesn’t hold any water ,after receiving the investigating file from the police.

Those allegations had drawn a clash of varied opinions.Some have criticized the manner in which the whole matter was unfolded in the public domain .Critics have argued that such a serious and sensitive issue ought to be accorded the necessary attention it deserves,but,the protagonists decided to take the trumpet to inform the world.And,as the drama unfolds ,one could not resist to prick the political propaganda.

The Foreign Affairs Minister,Sam Ongeri,came out to deny the said allegations dismissing them as baseless and unfounded.He said that he might take a legal action against the Gem Member of Parliament.

According to Deputy prime minister,Uhuru Kenyatta ,he termed the allegations as a part of a scheme to camouflage the biggest failure in that party [Orange Democratic party] dictatorship and resistance to change.This issue of dropping names of people holding senior positions recklessly ,instead of working for Kenyans ,is a scheme that boarders on devilish acts.They should spend more energy resolving their party disputes .There is room for competitive politics without making defamatory statements.

To the Eldoret North,Member of Parliament,M.r William Ruto,he said that it is unfortunate that people can make casual statements on sensitive matters pertaining to security.He urged Kenyans to treat claim with the “contempt it deserves”.It is unfortunate that people can make alarming unsubstantiated statements that have no basis and are bound to cause unnecessary friction.He claims the allegations are a useless story.

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