War on terror;Kenya’s declares an offensive to root out Somalia’s Al shabaab militia terror group

After two attempted kidnappings by the Somalia’s al shabaab terror group,on the Kenya’s territory,the country declared war on this ragtag terror militia in a bid to root them out,and,cut off their terror activities.The continued incursions by this terror group into our territory forced the Kenya’s government to react.It’s an all out war which the government cannot afford to lose,not forgetting the assertion by the government that the tail of the al shabaab may be in Somalia,but,it’s head is in Nairobi.An ironical statement,but,a fact of the matter.The al shabaab which have being raining terror on most of Somalia which they do control have been spilling in the East Africa region,as in the case of the Kampala bombings.And,since they fused with the Al quada terror network ,the group has spread it’s wings and mutated into a terrorist and a criminal group.

And,due to our country’s proximity to Somalia we have been bearing the heaviest brunt of their terrorist activities which spills into our country on numerous occasions.The failed state of that country coupled by the state of anarchism have played to our disadvantage which played itself in 1998 U.S Embassy Nairobi bombing and in 2003 Kikambala bombings.

But, the kidnappings aroused our army to take the battle into their doorsteps.Those kidnappings incursions were declared as the highest violations of the highest order ever committed on the kenyan territory.

According to America’s war strategy,if you want to catch a rat you must smoke it out of it’s hole ,and when it’s in the open go after it,this is what the kenyan military are doing in Somalia .The kenyan government decided to smoke out the al shabaab militants from their strongholds in a massive military operation code named “operation linda nchi”.Together with the Transitional Government forces ,the kenyan army have launched a massive assault on the al shabaab in a bid to root them out,which has led with a takeover of major towns which were under the al shabaab grips.

Now they are advancing and preparing a major offensive to try to take over the port of Kismayu,which happens to be the nerve center ,the main hub of this terror group.And due to it’s proximity ,this port which is under the al shabaab ,happens to be and serves as the major strategic point of this group ,as most of their funding comes from this port,due to many contra-band goods that passes this port.A take over of this port by the kenyan forces will clip off the wings and disable this terror group.

In their retaliatory attempts ,this terror group have being hauling grenades which has killed a few people ,and ,it’s quite disheartening to learn that some kenyan youths have being lured to join this terror group .The recent case where a kenyan youth confessed that he is an al shabaab sympathiser and was sentenced to a life imprisonment over his role in the grenade attacks and being in possession of a cache of arms lays bear the case.

And as the war on al shabaab rages ,kenyans need to support the military forces in every possible way .The operation to flush out this terror militants have being long overdue due to this group’s link with al quada.It was an all time lurking time bomb as the situation in Somalia provided safe haven for the terrorists to operate freely.It is to be noted that the 1998 Nairobi bomb attack mastermind ,Fazul Mohammed ,operated freely in Somalia until he was killed in that country.This support will help boast the morale of our fighters ,which will help them succeed in the battlefield.

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