Do we have to wallow in self pity as Kenyans citizenry over the Obama’s snub?

Do we have to wallow in self pity as Kenyan citizenry over the Obama’s snub?Methinks we need not.Kenyans ought to stop wasting time talking about Obama and concentrate on how to move our country forward.This western mentality and Eurocentric ideological way of thinking must stop because as Kenyan citizenry we are the ones who will shape the destiny of our country and solve our share of problems.Our plates are full of real issues and undertakings which requires our attention.

Following President Obama’s honouring his overated itinery visit to Africa,it has been the buzzword which is trending in subject of discussions.In his itinery visit to Africa,which is his last while in office,heProfessor.Mutua,can do lessons on overcoming disappointments.Months after the election,the man still sounds bitter that the jubilee team was declared winner.Disappointments are bound to come in life but sometime will visit Senegal,South Africa and Tanzania.The American government will spend 100 million dollars just to bring him to Africa.

And,in his itinery visit,just like the last time he visited Africa ,he chose to bypass Kenya,his ancestral country of his father.His connections to Kenya had made pundits predict an Obama’s visit to Kenya in his last term while in office.But,alas,it was a thought in the wild ,for he chose to snub the country.

Due to this snub alot has been written and analyzed .Political pundits ,observers and foreign policy analysts tried to join the dotted lines while offering their two cents worth of opinions of what occassioned the snub.But,to Kenyans it is all boiling down to which political angle one is inclined to.

Those who supported the CORD alliance have hailed the Obama’s move to snub Kenya.These supporters were echoing what Mr.Carson had said that,”choices will have consequences “.And,since it was rife that U.S.A was supporting Raila,they wanted to swive the tide in favour of Raila.They thought that Raila would have clinched the presidency hence Obama would come calling to Kenya,but,Raila was trounced.

But,the jubilee supporters have downplayed Obama’s itinery,terming it as of inconsequency value.They have argued that the visit would not have added any value to the country.”That Kenya doesn’t need the visit of Obama to move the country forward to greater heights of prosperity”.While others have have chosen to ignore the subject altogether.

The White House clarified why Obama snubbed Kenya.In their statement they clarified that they snubbed Kenya because of their stance “minimal contacts”with indictee of International Criminal Courts.Since the president and his deputy are indictee of I.C.C the U.S.A government saw it wise to snub Kenya.It was a confirmation of their earlier stance that they will maintain minimal contacts with the country should the two get elected

But,as Kenyans should we wallow in self pity ?My crystal ball tells me that we need not wallow in self pity over the Obama snub.Professor Makau Mutua’s opinion on Sunday Nation ,June 23,on why Obama has skipped Kenya would make one imagine that Kenyans ought to wallow in self pity for not being among the chosen nations despite having fathered this great man.That we ought to mourn in sackclothes and cover our bodies with ashes at the sound of Obama’s plane passing.

I don’t know what the White house would have bestowed upon us if we were to host U.S president.What i know is that Kenyans have over time learnt that a visit by such dignitaries does not add ugali on their table.

I know the jubilee government would not have minded the honour of hosting the president of a super power ,but,i doubt the leaders will have sleepless night over this.Right now ,the government has it’s hand full,and,a visit by Obama would have done little to lessen the load on it’s back.

Obama’s visit would not have averted the teachers strike .No magical words from him would restore love between National Assembly and the senate,halt clan wars in Mandera,or,make young men in central denounce their brew.Yet, these are the issues keeping President Kenyatta and his technocrats awake.

Professor Mutua can do lessons on overcoming disappointments .Months after the election ,the man still sounds bitter that the jubilee team was declared winner.Disappointments are bound to come in life but sometimes it pays to move on.

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