The unveiling of Cabinet Secretaries;Right execution in the right direction and a right step

Talk about the right execution in the right direction which was considered to be a right step.This is all what we can conclude concerning the recent unveiling of Cabinet secretaries by President Uhuru Kenyatta,and,Deputy President ,William Ruto.In what was seen as a well chereographed set up and in what signalled as the departure from the past,President Uhuru,appointed his cabinet secretaries outside the politicking world.

They are personalities befitting their new challenges ,who most of them possesses rich legacies in their belts worth to be entrusted with the country’s responsibilities.And,they seems to have what it takes to make this country soar to greater heights of prosperity,if their previous engagements are anything to go by.Most of them were not known before as they were in the private sector,corporate and diplomatic worlds.

From reliable privy sources ,unlike in the past when the ministers were unveiled casually,this time round ,it was a well chereographed move.They were consulted ,interviewed and presented to the nation in a well orchestrated and presentable manner where they were even given a chance to address the citizenry.

Also,the gender parity was also in top consideration as 6 women were appointed and seconded to head powerful dockets which in the past were a preserve of men of substance ,powerful political elites with powerful links and connection to the appointing authority

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