Before the government interned and arrested the situation, there was an unprecedented uproar from the Kenyans after one of their key staple food that’s Maize flour which makes ugali skyrocketed to an optimum high .It had turned out to be a real shocker to most people who depends on this essential commodity. Maize flour was retailing at shs. 120 equivalents to $ 1.50.

And, it’s quite unfortunate that most Kenyan lives below a dollar in a day, thus they can’t afford to buy their staple food. Whether the Malthusian theory has come to effect or not, is a matter of concern. For he had said that, that an ever-increasing population would continually strain society’s ability to produce goods and services.

Most people are whining silently because of high cost of living, which is been fuelled by high inflation rates which is pushing most commodities to skyrocket. But, one is left to wonder, where we turn our heads to, if the Government can’t afford to feed its own people.
The Government is raising an alarm that its strategic food reserves is running out of stocks. The National Cereals Board which is mandated by the Government to stock the food reserves have raised a red alarm, indicating that it’s running out of stock, despite been the harvesting season in the Rift Valley, which is considered to be the country’s grains basket.

But, amidst all these, it was quite disheartening to read in the local dailies about a scandal involving cartels who wants to capitalize on the matter and profiteer themselves. The scandal involves high powered cartels who include some M.Ps, who are buying maize grains at cereals board at a lesser fee and then, they sell that commodity to the miller at exorbitant prices.

It’s a grave situation, and these high powered cartles should feel ashamed of their deeds because they are doing these at the expense of the poor Kenyans who lives under penury. The poor Kenyan has been suppressed for quite a long time and he’s the one who always carries the heaviest burden regardless of his status.

According to most people who have been interviewed, life has turned out to be a nightmare, times are hard and the only way out to most of them is to hustle as most can’t afford to put a plate on the table. Most of them live in slums, shanties of where most of them survive as casual labourers.

And, according to some media reports. Some parts of the county have started to experience famine after their crops failed, and it’s quite devastating to think of it in comparison with these heneous activities of these cartels.

But, what’s the Government doing or what strategies is it laying down to counter any short coming that might arise in the near future? And what’s the Government doing to eliminate these cartels who are raining havoc to the poor Kenyans?

That story of the cartels is an eyesore in a country like Kenya which depicts itself as an able country, but in another sense it showcases the verge gap between the rich and poor. They aren’t ashamed of their activities regardless of the fact the poor people are already feeling the heat of the skyrocketed basic commodity prices. It’s a high crime of the order as these cartels have decided to take the advantage of their situation against a major backdrop of harsh economic times which has ravaged the poor Kenyan. The cartels are subjecting the poor Kenyan to soaring high prices of this essential commodity.

But, we unto them the cartels who are profiteering themselves at the expense of the poor Kenya because of greed and short term gains.

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