………..The Under-development in Central Kenya region….But, now, Mr. Kuria, has let the cat out of the bag

……..The recent political comments by Gatundu South, Member of Parliament, Moses Kuria, has ruffled the political feathers and has sent political shock waves across the political divide and especially the Central Kenya region….the political scion of President Uhuru Kenyatta. Those remarks have elicited a clash of opinions from various political quarters.

They have lit the political bonfire within the political class and Kenyans have also come out of their cocoons to express their opinions over the hot issue which is turning out to be the subject of discussions.

Even President Kenyatta waged an onslaughter on those criticizing him by scoffing them off. He reprimanded those leaders who are accusing him of neglecting Central Kenya region. Kenyatta dismissed those questioning his work as “washenzi” (fools).

The President said that all Kenyans were entitled to development irrespective of where they come from, adding that empty rhetorics would not dampen his resolve. He rejected the notion of development only being taken to the region where the President comes from.

The political sycophants were also at it as they goofed at Mr. Kuria, over his remarks by terming them as “reckless and irresponsible” on his part and also lacking respect for the Presidency. Others said that he was out of his mind when he lamented those remarks…..comments attributed to Kiambu Women Representative, Gathoni wamuchomba.

The social media was awash and set ablaze by Kenyans who were sharing their worth opinions and comments on the issue.

Honourable, Kuria, also retorted back to the Presidents’ remarks by stating that development should be in every part of the country, but, it is not happening in Central Kenya.

And, to the commoner who resides in Central Kenya, they were applauding Mr. Kuria in total support of his remarks lamented on the new year’s eve. Going by the comments and opinions which were shared and it the social media platforms showcased the grievances the central Kenya residents bury in their midst.

Most of them applauded Mr. Kuria for bringing out the issue to the fore.

But, love, or, hate him, Mr. Kuria, is one legislator who is in his own class. He stops at nothing to speak out of his mind. And, when a good opportunity presents itself he uses that platform effectively.

And, that opportune moment dawned on him at the new year’s celebrations where he was at his best when he said to the effect that central Kenya region has being neglected by President Kenyatta.

He went to state that the President is launching development in other regions while ignoring his own backyard.

But, in reality, what Mr. Kuria, brought to the fore is the real picture on the ground. Central Kenya citizenry suffers silently due to bad roads and other social amenities which lacks in their Counties despite voting overwhelmingly for the Jubilee government.

The region is stuck in the rug for a while. And, the President has been avoiding the Central region and when the leaders try to reach him he admonishes them.

But, now, Mr. Kuria, has let the cat out of the bag and it is the high time that the President realizes this that there’s disquiet in theCentral Kenya due to the starving of development in the region. Soon, rather than later the President may find himself in his own island having gotten out of touch to the true picture on the ground.

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