How should Uhuru-Ruto administration go about taking the country to the next level?They must claim the mantle of a reformist administration.

Since the Jubilee coalition was overwhelmingly elected on March 4,most Kenyans were enthusiastic and in no doubt that the new administration would take up the baton from the former president Kibaki,and,continue to steer the country to greater heights of prosperity both economically and socially.Kenyans citizenry gave them the mandate and benefit of doubt to lead them.As it is stipulated in the social contrast they gave them their nod.

As the first administration under the new constitution ,the political environment upon which they pegged their government presents challenges and opportunities.They will have the majority of Kenyans rooting for them ,praying and hoping that they will deliver on their promises and move the country forward.

After emerging and experiencing the intricacies of a coalition government ,Kenyans were not ready to embrace such a government again,or,head to that route again.And,it is worth noting that the last 5 years that the coalition government existed ,happened to be one of the most intriguing reigns in the history of our country.It was hell on earth.Squabbles,indifferences ,pulling into different directions and letting the cat out of the bag concerning government operations characterized the coalition government.

And,it’s due to these hard times that characterized the coalition government that forced Kenyans vow never again shall such a government will ever grace our country again.That’s why when they went to the polls on March 4,most Kenyans overwhelmingly voted for the jubilee coalition to form the next government.

Backed by the new constitution ,the jubilee government might be on a smooth run,concerning the laying down of strategies.Only what they need to do is to synchronize their manifesto with the constitution .The constitution has clearly spelt out the course of action of what is needed to be done in any undertaking that needs to be implemented .Be it appointments,or,any other issue.Theirs is just to walk the constitution in it’s entirety and albeit letting the devolution take it’s course.

The jubilee government is under spotlight and on the radar as the first administration under the new constitution .And,how they will handle and implement the constitution and especially how they will baby-sit the devolved governments which are integral cog in the constitution will mark the hallmark of their reign.It was noted that if the country was to prosper there must be devolved system of governments in place to help breach the gap in the marginalised areas.

If the jubilee government do want to maintain that vital connection with the citizenry they must walk the constitution to it’s entirety,and,fulfill their pledges.By doing so they will steer the country in the right path.

But,how should jubilee government go about taking the country to the next level?According to top notch lawyer,Abdullahi Ahmednassir,the answer is simple.The Uhuru-Ruto administration must claim the mantle of a reformist administration.It must embrace the reformist agenda and implement the constitution .It is that simple .Kenya has never had a reformist government .This government can be a reformist administration that will finally deliver and actualize the potential of the country.

He further points that power combined with beliefs and principles is the key to change and reform of a body politics.Change and reform can be brought about by people who wield power ,or,at times by the masses.Change and reform can be brought about by someone who holds the levers of power.

Uhuru-Ruto will be great reformers if they simply nurture and faithfully baby-sit the constitution.They are lucky in that the constitution had laid for them the foundation of their manifesto for reform.They need to adapt a holistic approach to constitutional implementation.Reforms in the economy ,land,justice,health and water sectors will cement their place in history.

Also keep an eye on the price to deliver,reform and to move the country forward.

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