The ugly head of Terrorism has reared again.As a country are we safe?What must we do to contain this threat?

The ugly head of terrorism has reared again.It is a monster which keeps on growing with each an every passing day which haunts us like a parasite in an animal.As a country this monster ‘s threat has gravitated from being a mole hill to a big problematic scar which acts as a stumbling block to our country,and,despite spirited attempts to contain and eliminate it,it hasn’t being successful.

Terrorism threat touches our umbilical cord like a virus in a blood system ,and,it keeps on rearing it’s ugly head with negative repercussions.And,as a country we have borne the brunt of sustained terrorist attacks where many innocent people have been killed.Our security apparatus are always caught off guard ,and,napping by these terrorists.

The latest terrorist attack occurred in Eastleigh ,Nairobi,hence the robust security operation in the capital.Before this,there was an attack on a church in Mombasa in which gunmen sprayed worshippers with bullets.That these evil people are able to launch attacks and strike again a few days later is proof enough that the country faces a severe security threat.

And,hence the massive security operation which have been launched by the government code named “operation usalama watch”.Some 3,000 people have been arrested in a crackdown on suspected terrorists,their presumed allies and illegal immigrants.In the operation ,police have found sophisticated weapons and bomb making apparatus.

But,as a country are we safe?What must we do to contain this threat before it gets out of hand ?The solution to this problematic scar hasn’t been found.It is a threat that needs to be addressed fully by the government of the day.And,it is evident from the tough talking from the top political leadership and security bosses that the swoops aren’t going to end soon.

As expected ,however ,this was bound to spark mixed reactions .Some leaders are already crying foul ,alleging that their communities are being unfairly targeted in the operation.However,the feeling among the majority of Kenyans is that the campaign should ,infact,be stepped up.And,one cannot fail to see why.

It is sad,therefore ,that instead of uniting fully behind efforts to eliminate the terror threat that lurks in our midst some leaders are questioning the way the campaign is being carried out.

Whatever the differences of opinion ,our people deserve safety ,and,it is the duty of the government to ensure their lives and properties are protected.Of course ,such a security operation must be above the board and not appear to be targeting any particular community.Unfortunately,the swoops and arrests in Eastleigh have been seen as aimed at the Somali community,including Kenyans

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