Tribalism;Hassan Omar’s opined opinion which stirred the hornet’s nest with some truths ,which veered off the mark

According to Waki commission,an inquiry which investigated the root cause of the 2007/8,post election violence,in one of it’s recommendations,it had pinpointed tribalism and negative ethnicity as the root causes of post election chaos.After hearing submissions from various quarters ,the commission came to a conclusion that tribalism and negative ethnicity were factors that was employed to instigate the chaos.

These ills were so entrenched in the kenyan society to such an extent that friends and neighbour were ready to compromise,and turned against each other.It was one of the tools that was used to perfection by politicians to propagate,fuel and instigate violences.Even the past violences which had rocked our country prior to past elections were attributed and pointed accusing fingers to tribalism and negative ethnicity.

As they try to seek political mileage,and,to stamp their agendas,politicians have resulted to tribalism as the resort.The tribe has always been a safe haven cocoon,a fall back resort,where politicians,political elites and barons,and tribal chieftains do hid after committing both economic and political crimes.And,it’s not strange to hear politicians whining that their tribe is being targeted after they are arraigned in courts to answer to charges.

Tribal chieftains have made careers out of their tribes.It is a political bargaining chip because what matters in politics is what you brings on the table.

And,since time immemorial and time again the kenyans have been warned not to embrace tribalism,or,propagate negative ethnicity amongst themselves.They have being urged to discard this vice which ills our country.And,due to it’s infiltration in our midst,it has always had had a negative repercussions in our political landscape which replicates themselves in the name of political violences and disturbances.

But,what’s tribalism,and why is it been condemned and admonished?

According to Wikipedia,tribalism refers to the possession of a strong cultural,or,ethnic identity that separates one member of a group from the members of another group.This phenomenon is related to the concept of tribal society in that it is a pre-condition for members of a tribe to possess a strong feeling of identity for a true tribal society to form.

Tribalism has been the subject of contenticity ,which ills our country,it remains as an untold story.And,it is in this vein that a Human rights Commissioner,Hassan Omar Hassan,stirred the hornet’s nest with some obvious home truths on domination of key and strategic national institutions and installations by officers handpicked from Kibaki’s ethnic bastion.

That Mr.Omar is an acclaimed Human rights crusader is not in doubt.In one of the local dailies,he opined an opinion outlining how Kikuyus have dominated certain key ministries.But,that opinion piece in relation to ethnicity will dent his image.By claiming that Kenya should not have it’s next President from the Kikuyu only serves to ignite the flame of negative ethnicity that was key element that instigated the post election violence.

And,with that opinion,what followed next was an outburst of comments criticizing,or,supporting the opinion piece.Different tirades have been thrown from across the political divide,showcasing the illicit mixed reactions it has generated.It is as if a lid of a beehive full of stinging bees has being let loose.It is obvious that tribalism is rife in our systems and the subject remains a live wire which is ready to electrocute anybody who dares to touch it.It’s a subject which remains a hot issue,a ticking time bomb and a pebble which causes spirals in the pool to an extent of a bigger ramification if it isn’t handled properly.

It is a fact that Kibaki has appointed his tribesmen to key positions in government,but,it is a greater fact that his presidency has ensured that all regions have projects that are transforming lives of all kenyans.But,Mr.Hassan veered off the mark when he trivializes and suggests that all Kikuyus should therefore ,be barred from public office.

Mr.Omar,may had a valid point,but,the way he put the spin on the opinion,it’s perspective is the wrong approach.It’s a case of a good message ,but, the way it was delivered was in bad taste and very awful.

But,blame the tread on our political kleptocracy,and,our mode of our politicking ,which rewards political loyalists.What Mr.Hassan wrote about is already in the public domain,and,it’s not a wonder to note ministers and other senior government officers filling positions in their line ministries with their tribal cronies.

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