Transformational leadership

In this modern times,which are equated as risky times,where it seems as if it’s a devil workshop’s we are living in,the talk in the leadership circles is revolving around “transformational leadership”.A people are being challenged and called upon to be more of a true leaders whether in the society,small communities,politics,and,in the governance managements.

In this challenging times in a world that’s being overwhelmed and overtaken over by the negative perceptions,where it is increasingly becoming impossible to find a leader ,and,those disguising as ones do cater for their own interests at the expense of the subjects and good ethics.

The good social ethical attributes that identifies a good leader seems to have being pushed under the carpet.People have long embraced the ill vices that dogs the society.

And,the worst hit areas,happens to be in the political circles where politicians in total disguise as our community leaders takes the ruins with their sweet talking words.They have been adversely mentioned and implicated in all manner of ill vices ;corrupt dealings,fanning tribalism and animosity and cordoning impunity within the system,which have affected the nation and a people in one way,or,another.

That’s why in the recent times our leaders are being challenged not to be just leaders ,but,to be transformational ones,that’s transformative leaders.To be a leader in this days and age is a big challenge which requires more than to be good,but,virtuous ones.Everyone seems to be going against the grain,parallel to the social societal norms.There aren’t leaders who can stand up to be counted

But,what is transformational leadership?According to ,it analyzes transformational leadership as a type of leadership that leads to positive changes,in those who follow.Transformational leaders are generally energetic ,enthusiastic and passionate.Not only are these leaders concerned and involved in the process,they are also focused on helping every member of the group to succeed as well.

According to Wale Akinyemi,while writing on transformative leadership in the Daily Nation,outlined that ,a leader takes people where they have not taken before.The leader is a person that takes people across forms .Every leader ought to be transformative to be a leader in the first place.The job of the leader is to visualize and crystallise the next form then lead people there.

Wikipedia,analyzes transformational leadership as that,that enhances the motivation ,morale and performance of followers through a variety of mechanisms.These include connecting the followers sense of identity and self to the mission and collective identity of the organization ;being a role model for follower that inspires them,challenging followers to take greater ownership for their work and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of followers so that the leader can align followers with tasks that optimizes their performance.

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