The festive moods are already in the offing’s which signals that Christmas and New Year are looming in a matter of day. Christmas Carols and Songs associated with Christmas festivals, like that of Bunny M are blaring our radius.


And with the onset of Christmas like me it’s that time of the year when we do celebrate and commemorate the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ. The modern Christmas is so much commercialized such that if you want to cash in you only have associated your package with it.


After the Christmas dawns another new year, which we attach it with a whole era set of resolutions that acts as our guiding principle in the forthcoming year that also needs to be fulfilled. And, as one man said that, dawn doesn’t come twice to awaken the man, we sometimes tend to wonder how time flies into days, months, year.


And, as in my part I do have a dozen full notebook worth of resolutions that needs to be addressed and deserves a hearing. As the year ends we must reflect back to say a big thank you to the ALMIGHTY GOD, for awarding me a sound and precious mind that pinned down articles. And, as one, Juresal once said that, a sound mind in a sound body is something to be prayed for.


That sound mind has greatly helped me to improve my writing schedule. My writing schedule mostly starts on Mondays when I do brainstorm on the major and the most talked topic or any occurrence that happened in the last couple of days. Tuesday is reserved for writing a rough draft of an article of what I had brainstormed and settled. The improvement of the rough draft article is done on Wednesday, Thursday morning, with what I had researched or thought. Thursday afternoons and Friday morning is when I do write the neat draft which will be taken to be published and uploading.

The article may be uploaded either on Saturdays, Sundays or any other day depending on the availability and convenience of the nearest cybercafé.


With my writing I’m still stuck in the old school of writing, that’s the use of the pen and writing pads because I haven’t afforded to own a laptop.


But, above all I want to thank who spared their precious moments to read and send a comment concerning the writings in the blog. To all who supported me by the words of encouragement and by reading I do I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous new year. I wish you all good luck in your everyday adjustments and may God bless you and many happy returns, kindest regards.


Remember the quote of New Year:-Always remember that for your own resolutions to succeed is more is more important than any other thing- Abraham Lincoln (U.S.A President 1809-65)


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