Hei, mr politician,cool down your tempers and save us from these untold brutality .We have being treated to a reckless war of words scenes which have veered off the line.Of late the political barometer has being at it’s highest hitting the boiling point following an intense political events.This follows the activities that arose from the House speaker’s ruling concerning the controversial nominations. Following the controversial appointment and total withdrawal which the President carried out ,we didn’t think that such an issue would have generated into a fiasco,political hatred ,verbal crossfire of words which created a theatre of absurd.Taking a closer look at this fiasco involving the three senior politicians ,seems to be more of a supremacy political battles.But,the most wary part of it is that it has went of hands ,where they have spilled the beans ,while at the same time washing their dirty linens in the public. These out of place shenanigans outbursts which has no place in this modern society unfolds a chapter of what our politicians are made of.They are showcasing their true colours ,a dark side of their page which is a bit trivial. When the President withdrew  that controversial list,we sighed a sigh of relief as we believed the political bickerings and chestthumping would be halted.But,alas,we lied to ourselves as the war intensified and raged on ,turning abit ugly. It started with Uhuru Kenyatta using  a derogatory slang word”kimundu”while referring to the prime minister,Raila Odinga,in an interview in one of the vernacular radio station.Also,while the P.N.U allied members of parliament were addressing a press conference following the speaker’s ruling ,mr.Kenyatta ,obvious an agitated man questioned who was mr.Odinga. Mr.William Ruto ,who leads the breakaway rebel MPS ,also joined the fray ,questioning who was mr. Odinga ,whom he ironically equated as a mad man.Mr .Ruto ,a friend turned foe of the Prime minister ,who was his lead campaigner is the one who is leading O.D.M rebels who wants to break away from the party as they have some contradicting issues with their de facto leader. The premier insistence that the Ocampo six must be tried to The Hague makes the rebel draw a linewith him as they thinks he has a hand in the move.Also,the Mau forest evictions further eroded the deteriorating sour relationship. And,in a rejoinder the P.M  hit  by uttering careless remarks targeting Uhuru and Ruto.In a veiled attack directedat his former ally turned foe ,the P.M insinuated that those politicians moving from one court to another to answer different charges preferred against themshould be locked behind the bars and that they should not be entrusted with the country’s leadership.He also depicted others as substance abusers who are drug addicts. However ,it is obvious messrs  Uhuru,Ruto,Odinga do harbours grudges and all have thrown caution and niceties to the wind.And,as they escalate their verbal wars of hate ,propaganda and downright lies are the orders of the day.P.N.U allied and their O.D.M rebels are throwing mud at the P.M who is talking of thieves and drug abusers .What a theatre of absurd. These ugly exchange of words has opened a can of worms and it seems as if we might tilt to the pandora’s box-a very dangerous situation.Such a high magnitude war of words was witnessed during the 2005 failed campaigns when the seed of hatred and discord was planted. Also,during to the run up to 2007 general elections,this divisive war of words was extensively used in fanning tribal animosities.At that time politicians went overboard with their tribal derogaratory remarks which polarized the country and the aftermath of it all was the post election violences. But, are our politicians in order ,justified in their quest for the supremacy battles by employing dirty tactics in the name of the war of words? It is a bit naive and isn’t justified for our leaders who have the mandate to lead us to engage in empty rhetorics  and wage wars on their opponents.It is wrongly however that leaders should completely abandon their unexpired mandates to engage in premature campaigns.Obviously they have forgotten why they were given the privilege of leading the kenyans in the war against the common enemy and have instead diverted all their energies to destructive pursuits of personal ambitions. Forever politicians will fight at full decibels for power ,wealth and positions instead of doing the jobs they were elected to do.The aforementioned politicians were  not entrusted with burden of leadership just so that they could have a vintage point from which to wage their selfish feuds.They were given the mandate to lead KENYA out of poverty,disease,ignorance,crime and ethno-political violences. But,predictably at the end of it all our politicians have retreated to their tribal cocoons to bitterly criticise their imagined political enemies in the hope of marshalling the support of their tribesmen.

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