To the Kenyan political Leaders,………Walk The Talks…..Instead of engaging in empty rhetoric which has no grounds. | walk the talks,Kenyan political leaders

walk the talks,Kenyan political leadersTo the Kenyan Political leaders……..Walk the talks…..Instead of engaging in empty rhetoric which has no ground.This is a message that is oftenly sent out to our political leaders in relation to their talks.At all times they are always challenged to adhere ,and,stick to their own words,and,dismiss their ironical talks.Our Kenyan political leaders are known at times to be pragmatic where they do disguise themselves as leaders ,whereas their actions speaks otherwise.

They are known to sweet talk their talks on the public platforms ,while under the table that is where they do hide their deadly cards which they do unleash with negative repercussions.It has been argued ,which is a fact ,that the problems that bedevils our country stems from these so called political leaders of ours.

And,during the burial of the late Internal security minister Professor Saitoti,and,his assistance,Orwa Ojodeh,they were at it again,where they spoke passionately of how we as a country should unite for the sake of peace,unity and harmony among Kenyans irrespective of their tribal affiliations.Speaker after speaker talked highly from the deepest part of their hearts on the need for the country to unite.It was a challenging rallying call of unity from our leaders.

It was at that juncture that President Kibaki challenged them to walk their talks as leaders instead of talking and doing nothing.He reiterated his call that leaders who spoke should live true to their words .”Why do we keep on repeating the same words rather than acting on them,rather than allowing those words to become our guide”?he posed.That is what will make a difference .That is what will bring us together and make us more faithful and genuine people.

On his part ,Prime minister ,Raila Odinga,said that people must think as Kenyans first instead of their tribes if full prosperity was to be achieved .”Let us dream of uniting this country so that we can remove the barriers of ethnic divide”.Let us be Kenya and one Kenya,that’s how we can pay tribute to Prof.Saitoti,and,Mr.Ojodeh,cautioning leaders against seeking shelter in tribal and ethnic movements

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