At the moment the euphopria that is associated with football is back with a bang, it is an obsession like no other of which u can’t explain is sweeping across the globe. That is the world cup sporting event n not forgetting the fiestas that are associated with it. Its the world’s most hyped footballing sport event which happens to be the greatest and biggest show on earth. And it occurs after every 4 years and it’s moment has arrived which is now.

It is the moment when we goes abit crazy as we eat, drink, walk, talk, sleep n think football. It is a supercharged football obsessions which occurs naturally which runs in our ad reline system just like the turbo charged male test one hormones Diaries n daily chares have 2b readjusted to accommodate this sporting event .From football fantacts to media outlets. Advertising placements are all awash and associated with world cup sporting event

At the centre stage where the action is taking place down in South Africa. Despite the winter season the “vuvuzelas” r blarring n ranting in stadiums as fans supports their teams. And, we cannot forget the facts that this vuvuzelas blowing cheering has not gone down in certain quarters as it has been criticized as been too noisy irritating. But, they are forgetting the facts that anything good happening in ant African society calls for world celebration.

The vuvuzelas is a rich component of the South Africa culture It was a pure ecstasy as the vuvuzelas would vibrate to a sound that would signal the coming of a great festivals. Thus, one doesn’t understand why outsiders should decide Africa’s mode of celebration.

Billions of fans are glued to their screens while those with upper hand are down in South Africa, all watching these beautiful games as they are been played. Our discussing are now centered on this globe sporting event where are foot ball matches n post match-mortem analysis are the focal points and carries the day. Betting contests are on the roll trying to kill as the fanatical fan predicts their favorite’s team’s performance at the tournament.

This year’s world cup which is been staged in South Africa is an exception one because it is the first time it is been staged in the continent of Africa. Africa has patiently waited for 80 years to host the world’s most revenue sporting Event. It has to be revolved to other continents since it’s inception in 1930 to the Exception of Africa and that’s why it was one of the much awaited tournament.

The Africans wanted to showcase that they can stage an event of the World cup’s magnitude and what they can offer after years of been touted and branded as a dark continent. And, the South Africans have just shown why this great show piece would not have kissed goodbye the continent of Africa and why they had a right to share the spoils that are associated with the staging of the World cup. It took a lot of persuasion to convince the world soccer governing Council that the time was ripe for Africa to stage this global sporting event although there were numerous stumbling blocks on the way to this realization.

Down in South Africa where the action is happening in soccer theatres stadiums as is the case of other world cups the soccer super stars, the likes of Rooney, Messi, Ronaldo, Kaka, Robinho, Xavi, Villa and Etoo have all conglomerated as they represents their respective home countries. As it happens when they are gracing the different European leagues business is as usual as they displays their goal scoring abilities, ball artistic dribbling coupled by individual ball skills. Overall it is an avenue of displaying what they are made of and what they are talented of.

As what transpires in this big global sporting event, the super stars will show case why they are regarded as superstars, others stars will be born while other established ones will turn out and fall to disgrace, a pale shadow of themselves.

Consider what happened and transpired to Roberto Baggio, the Italian Super star, in U.S.A world cup finals in 1994. At that eleventh hour, opportune moment when his country Italy needed him most when he was taking a decisive penalty in their finals against Brazil, he eventually blasted off the ball over the bar and thus squandered the chance. That moment has lived to haunt him and his footballing career as it was ruined. Roberto Baggio was one of the Clinical finishers strikers Italy had ever produced. He was in a class of his own as he was the integral part, the heart and the soul of the Italian team, but that very moment ruined his career attracting widespread condemnation and curses from his royal fans.

Also consider the rise to stardom the likes of the Argentinean coach, Diego Maradona and his legendary Brazilian counterpart Pele, where they would be were it not for the World cup. Maradona shot to fame in the 1986, World Cup, with his famous hand of God. The Brazilian hero used to rule in the World Cups of 50s, 60s and early 70s.

More recently the likes of France’s Zinedine Zidane, Brazilians Ronaldo, Bebeto, Romario, Rivaldo, and Ronaldhinho, have all made their names and mark in the subsequent world cups, which have lifted their prominence.

In Conclusion we cannot forget the fact that there are other sideshow festivals which are boasting tourism sector hence increasing economic impact on their economy. The display of cultural richness diversity has been the hall mark of World Cups of the home country stretches itself to show case it’s cultural diversity.

The South African’s National Treasury has estimated that the world cup tourism will inject 15 billion rands (Shs 150 billion) into the economy this year alone, through spending in hotels, meals, transport. This money will circulate throughout the economy, spreading benefits much wider than just the hospitality and transport industries. There are huge gains to Africa’s largest economy for hosting the football showcase.

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