Where does bucks stops concerning the secret sealed envelop that was part of the Waki’s report, which was expunged and handed over to Dr. Koffi Annan. This sealed envelop contains the names of the main perpetrators of the post election violence and among the names are cabinet ministers.

            In one of the recommendations that was recommended by the commission was, for the prosecution of the perpetrators of the violence, with either the formation of a special tribunal to try them locally, and if that fails, they will be taken to the international criminal court in The Hague.

            This sealed envelop is causing furore and rimplets across the political and tribal divides. The hunters have turned out to be the hunted. The reports verdict has elicited mixed reactions from various quotas with some rejecting its implementation in Toto while others have supported its full implementation. Each an every proponent is having his or her own version of opinion concerning its interpretation and how to go about its implementation.

            This sealed envelop have split the country into various tribal sectors which isn’t good for the country. it has caused the bigwig parties to disintegrate, and the politicians and MPS have retreated back to their tribal cocoons, as the MPS vowing to shoot it down once its brought to the floor of the house.

            And to quote the Sunday Nation’s managing editor, Mr. Mutuma Mathiu, commenting after O.D.M mps rejected the report, wrote that, they have risen, the humors of self interest wafting off them like steam out of a cow’s into the post election violence as “incurably erroneous”, ‘ riddle with fundamental flaws”, “shallow shoddy.” they are therefore rejecting it in Toto, they said.

            Such kinds of comments were expected to be lamented by the politician. The government has not yet taken any stand, and with the already divided cabinet over the issue, it’s only a wait and see attitude.

            But whether we like it or not, the secret envelope and Waki report are here with us, and we must make decisions to end this culture of impunity and end crimes against humanity. And, from the look of things and what’s emerging we might be heading to The Hague, after most politicians watered down the report.

            But where does the buck stops concerning the waki’s report and especially the “secret and sealed envelop”?

            According to the Sunday nation, political columnist Mutahi Ngunyi, while commenting on the report, November 2, he wrote that the back ups with kibaki and Raila over its implementation. He further wrote that Kenyans are baying for the blood; the blood of some big fish. You arrested their children in January madness. You refused to give them amnesty. But, when your buddies in cabinet were put on some “list” you start talking amnesty.

            Now you have come together as a “fellowship of thugs” to protect class interest. In sum, Kenyans are angry and frustrated about this report. Unfortunately how ever, they are mistaken and downright wrong in their approach, he argues.

            It’s now evident that this whole issue needs a sense of direction over its implementation because it’s a delicate and insurmountable issue. We are at a crossroad, where we must make decisions and decide which path to follow. All the paths will be rough, but we must choose the path that will lead us to the Promised Land without causing injuries and punctures.

            For quit along time, we have behaved like the classic ostrich that hides its head in the sand refusing to know it hasn’t covered its body. We have to tackle the report head on, but, with outmost care to diffuse the rimples that might arise.

            Kenya being a signatory to the U.N’s arm of crimes against humanity, there inst any substitute other than to implement the report. As Mr. Mathiu Argued, this inst a party issue, nor, is it a national issue, but it’s an international issue and the international system has the will and means to enforce justice                   



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