According to Aristotle’s views on the unity of purpose in a state,or,a republic ,he argues that every state ,nation, republic is an association.In that association ,it’s subjects are inspired and held together by that “unity of purpose”.Also,the natural cohesive forces comes into play to unite that association.

        And, if that unity of purpose is strictly adhered to and upheld ,then,the subjects do co-exist peacefully and harmoniously like a close knit family in that ideal state.In such a situation the citizens do lives a virtuous and morally upright kind of life that is devoid of any malpractise ,or, inquality. develop a beautiful Kallipolis ,the subjects and their leaders must cultivate ,activate and maintain at all times that association ,unity of purpose and togetherness.

       In this modern world only a few countries can be said to practise and uphold this association.And,the only few who practises it are the ones that do have strong democratic ideals that identifies an ideal state.In that state there are good laws ,leadership is excellent per se and above all the rule of law is maintained and upheld.Justice isn’t an alien word ,as it is transparently meted to all irrespective of their political affiliations,gender,race tribe,colour ,or,your status in the society.

     These good  and strong laws are well anchored in their constitutions.These countries that do have strong democracies are the likes of the United State of America and most of the European countries.

       And, another well cited such system of governance happens to be the hierachical governance authority of the Catholic Church ,and ,it’s symbol of unity ,the institution of the Papacy,headed by the POPE ,based at the Holy see-VATICAN city.

         According to political analysts ,the entire authority of the  Roman Catholic Church and it’s institution of the Papacy showcases and demonstrates a clear ideal association that was best explained by ARISTOTLE while outlining that ideal state.

       The Catholic church’s association is well knitted up despite of it not being a state.They do speak in one voice ,performs the same the liturgical and ritual practises all over the world.These sameness ensures that the faithfuls are well brought up in that associationwhere they are sub-divided into small asociations with a chain of responsibilities going upwards.

       The flow of the Catholic Church association is strongly backed by good cannon laws,unified liturgical and ritual practises where traditions are strictly upheld,observed and kept.The cannon laws are clear cut ,which are well laid down with good procedure ofwhich acts as a guide to the Church.These cannon laws are essential especially when they are appointing key leadersto head key responsibilities ,and more profound when electing a POPE to head the papacy.

     The Catholic church bides it’s faithfuls in one strong community ,one Catholic family from all continents into one strong entity ,all pledging their loyalty to the authority of the church and the institution of the papacy .The institution of the Papacy is a symbol of unity which unifies the faithfuls worldwide,it is the binding factor.The Church maintains and preserves it’s rich traditions and history which it constantly consults when making a decision of high magnitude which is being considered for the consideration.

        But,in our association,the republic of KENYA,can we brag about our institutionof presidency been that symbol of unity just like the Papacy?And,can it’s governance be compared to the hierachical  authority of the Catholic church which can bide and unify  it’s citizens in that association?

       In total comparison of our state with these countries that do practise strong democracies and the unity of the church, we can’t draw the same lines,they all go contrary to the rules.Our status is all but contradicting ,moving away from the reality.Tribe is always a major when any issue crops up.Corruption,mismanagement and other vices are all rife in our systems of governance which hampers that unity of purpose as these creates a rift ,wedge among the subjects.

       And ,the repercussions of it all is what unfolded ,happenedand replicated in 2007/8  post election violences.

       But,despite having a new constitutional order ,the status quo still prevails.The coalition government has it’s own share of blame due to their political indifferences and views as it unfolded itself in the recent political spat on the issue of  key  appointments.They don’t read from the same script ,always pulling into different directions.They aren’t compactible ,as each partner adjucates for his own course.

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