The gulf of Eden has been braded as one of the dangerous waterway spot to venture into. Its one of the burriest waterways. As it serves as the link between the Europeans, Asia, Africa and Middle East countries.


The pirates have turned the gulf to be the one of the dangerous in the world as they are having a field day in those waters by hijacking and then demand lump sum ransoms. The situation was necessitated and fueled by the lawlessness and failed state of Somalia, where most pirates comes from, as different militia groups have surrounded their coastline.

And, just like the turbulent waters of gulf of Eden, the Africa’s political waters are sometimes turbulent which makes them rough at times. From Dr Congo, Zimbabwe and many other countries, which at different times have faced political upheavals that have occurred in those countries? What drives most of these countries to such magnitude of upheavals and violence is a matter of concern.

Our country, Kenya, isn’t an exemption, as we have our share of upheavals that has confronted us. This year proved to the most daunting one, due to what unfolded earlier in the year.

Our political situations are sometimes a grave one, which at times is off the hook, going by the occurrences that characterize the political. The many upheavals we sometimes face mostly overrun the gains and steps we undertook. The negative perception that characterizes our politics is fronted and backed by tribalism, greed, political supremacies which act as the fueling factors.

And, just like the ranging storms and hurricanes, that sweeps across the Caribbean islands and parts of U.S.A, which, when they blow, they do cause much haroc and shatters everything that stands on its way. These political instabilities acts just like theses storms, of which they are dictated by the forces of tribal factor.

But, why is it that politics makes the Africans political waters turbulent and dangerous to tread in?

This is one question we need to keep on asking ourselves as many factors contribute to the turbulence of which can be harnessed.

Right from the onset of the year, we have an uphill task as we tried to find our footing on the ground, after we started the year on a wrong footing. After the announcement of the presidential results, there erupted violence we hadn’t anticipated. The country slid to the dogs, where murders, rape, displacement of people. Wanton destruction of property was the orders of the post election violence.

That was one of the major political and grave upheaval we had ever faced as a country. The whole world was overwhelmed by shock, and different world personalities threw their spanner at work in trying to cool the situation. The ceasefire came when a team of eminent persons led by, kofi annan, came to our rescue.

Then, there’s this report that’s causing much rimples and furrore across the political divide which is threatening to tear the country into different quotas. The politicians have retreated to their tribal cocoons from where they are throwing barbs at each other.

The other hot issue that’s causing rimples the preservation and eviction of Mau forest which has illicited mixed reaction within the O.D.M party. The prime minister is in a collision course with a group of Rift valley M.Ps, who has vowed to secure the interest of kalenjin community. The other group is supporting the eviction of people from the forest so as to preserve the catchments area which is a livelihood of most communities.






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