According to the true realities of life,we do live in micro-wave times ,when it’s not what you deliver ,it’s how fast you get it there that counts.And,times are hard ,and,making your dreams come true seems just like a dream.

Kenyans are becoming a second hand generation.That’s the reality of life in this country and we must face up to it.The irony of it is that in the midst of these harsh economic times ,we still do have our dreams of a  better day.This predicament is defined as “Revolution of rising frustrations”.The average kenyan has many expectations that aren’t met which are directly proportional to our frustrations.

We should not never despise a humble beginning.A small beginning indeed but not a small mind.We must learn to celebrateour days and our moments.The only thing we are certain about is that nothing will stay the same .There is a ripe moment for most things in life.

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